Hope Greenberg's Graduate Portfolio:

Graduate Readings and Research

Dona Brown

Fall 1995
HST 397

Building on the work done in HST 296, this readings and research course was devoted to developing the Godey's Lady's Book Web Site. The site contains portions of the magazine from 1855 to 1860. Fashion plate engravings, steel and wood engravings, clothing patterns and small illustrations have been scanned and added to the site. Selections of fiction, poetry, and other articles also continue to be added. I have included some sample Tables of Contents from the magazine, synopses of some of the fiction and complete short fiction pieces.

Work continues on the site and has led to some interesting correspondence with, to date, over 100 individuals interested in mid-19th century American culture generally and Godey's in particular.

Studying Godey's has led to a specific interest in one of his most prolific writers, Alice B. Neal Haven. I intend to focus my thesis on her work, which will, of course, include an Alice web site!

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