N.A. Web'96

N.A.WEB '96 - The Future is Here!

An International Conference in Fredericton, NB, Canada
October 5th - 8th, 1996

Sponsored by the WWW Courseware Developers
and the
Department of Continuing Education - University of New Brunswick


  1. Using the Web for Student/Alumni Information Gathering
    Peter Brauer, Duke University

  2. Adapting Authoring Methodologies to WWW Environments
    Andrew Cole and Kenneth Tait, University of Leeds

  3. Enabling Active Learning in Web-Based Virtual Campus: (Creative Pyramid Schemes)
    Michael Daecher and Thomas Hofheinz, University of Texas at Austin

  4. Science Education in Cyberspace: Science Centres on the Web
    Allan Ellis, Southern Cross University

  5. CIS Concepts for Curriculum Development
    Jane Gismondi and Peter Holt, Athabasca University

  6. Student Participation and Progress Tracking for Web-Based Courses
    Murray W. Goldberg, University of British Columbia

  7. Courses On-Line! Experiences from the School of Business at Dalhousie
    Mary-Liz Grisé and Tim Roberts, Dalhousie School of Business Administration

  8. Socialization of Students in WEB-Based Courses
    Charles D. Hurt, University of Arizona

  9. Teaching with the Internet
    Siva Kumari, Rice University

  10. Adaptive Multimedia Education Enabler
    Craig Montgomerie and Tom Keenan, University of Alberta

  11. Faculty Cyberphobic Relief
    Dr. Dean A. Morss, Creighton University

  12. Teaching a Diploma in Medical Informatics using the World Wide Web
    Dr. Richard Pascoe and Dr. David Abernathy, University of Otago

  13. Developing an Educational Intranet
    Jason Rosenblum and Eamonn Healy, St. Edward's University

  14. Way Cool Software Reviews: Marriage of Listserv and World Wide Web Technologies
    Chauncy N. Rucker, University of Connecticutt

  15. A Tool For Authoring OHP Presentations Using HTML
    Phil Scott, La Trobe University

  16. Developing Dynamic, Interactive Web Content Using CGI
    Jeni Li Shoecraft, ASU West Information Technology

  17. Web Courses for Northern B.C.: Building a Virtual Community
    Basia Siedlecki, University of Northern British Columbia

  18. The SchoolNet Digital Collections Project: Building a Knowledge Base on the Web
    Linda Stilborne, Ingenia Communications

  19. The Virtual TA: Moving Beyond the Traditional Teaching Assistant
    Denise Stockley and Vivian Rossner, Simon Fraser University

  20. Interactive Web Courseware Introducing the UNIX Operating System
    George Tsiknis and Ian Cavers, University of British Columbia

  21. Remote Training for School Teachers of Children with Diabetes Mellitus
    F. Layne Wallace and Doreen Radjenovic, University of North Florida

  22. Tricks & Traps: Lessons the Microsoft Online Institute has Learned
    Ben Watson, Microsoft Online Institute

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