NII-Based Education and Training Project

Leo Lucas
Chief Technology Officer
AimTech Corporation

The goal of the NII-Based Education and Training Project is to use the National Information Infrastructure (NII) to fundamentally change the economics of the education and training marketplace to the benefit of all participants. Despite the best efforts of educators, trainers, publishers and educational institutions, it is too difficult and expensive to allow for a completely customizable learning environment for all of our citizens with current technology. We will use technology to enable educators and trainers to build high value learning modules that can be integrated into programs that can meet all of the individual needs of our citizens. Access to these learning programs is possible in any location, at any time, and through any affiliation of the learner by using the NII as a delivery vehicle.

Leo Lucas, Chief Technology Officer of AimTech Corporation, will report on the progress of this project and the exciting new tools to enable educator to realize the potential of this project.