Mastering the Maze Presenters

Things to Do

1) Create Your HTML files (slides)

Type and save your slides as individual files, then turn them into HTML files by adding HTML tags.

Or view and save these slide template files.

2) Add background colors and images, if you choose

Background color information can be found at:

Icons, balls, and lines can be found at:

Some Clip art can be found at:

3) Test your files locally

Start Netscape and go to File: Open File. Find your first file, open it, then check your links to other files.

4) Publish your files on the Web

You can create Web slides, use them on Maze day, and never actually publish them on the Web. But we would love to add a link to your presentation slides on our Maze web page (

To make your slides publically available, as well as easily available to you wherever you are (including during your presentation), you will need to "publish" your web pages. This simply means they must be moved (FTP'd) to a computer that has Web server s oftware installed and running. There are many computers across campus that are doing this, or you may choose to use your account on zoo for this purpose. To use your zoo account to publish your Web pages:

5) Web Slide Tips

Here are a few more things you may wish to consider when using the Web for presentation slides:

Much of this information comes from the online tutorial Publish Your Own Web Pages at UVM.
Any questions? Send e-mail to Hope Greenberg or I'll be happy to meet with you before Maze day. Last updated: 2/6/97.