What is a Humanities Computing Specialist?

Humanities Computing Specialist is a term that is applied to many kinds of computing-related support. While many universities agree that there should be some kind of discipline-specific computing support, the definition of the position, indeed the titles used to describe it, vary widely.

Computing support can be modeled in layers:

Unfortunately, the "if you build it they will come" model, while it has indeed increased the use of computing, has not always translated into sustained and meaningful integration into teaching and research.

Discipline-specific computing support positions seek to change that by bridging the gap between traditional support and academics:

The specific implementation varies from oranization to organization. Thus, you have a title like Humanities Computing Specialist that is defined at particular universities as everything from a network and software support position to a library services position to a regular faculty position, with traditional teaching and research duties. Adding to the confusion are specific centers for humanities computing that seek not only to integrate computing into their respective university's humanities departments but are also creating new humanities resources, tools and computing models for humanities scholarship.

Can a model that can be applied to UVM be drawn from this morass?

What is a Humanities Computing Specialist at UVM?