Godey's Lady's Book

Full Page Illustrations

Includes steel engravings, woodcuts, and copper engravings both from the front pages of each issue and those inserted between text pages:

July, 1855: The Milliner's Dream (glb7-55p29.jpeg)

August, 1855: The Widow

September, 1855:

October, 1855: Page 312, inset; Cromwell and his Eldest Daughter

November, 1855: Page 398; Health and Happiness

December, 1855:

December, 1855: Scene on the Schuylkill

December, 1855: The Christmas Tree

February, 1856: The Night Before the Wedding

March, 1856: The Moment of Trial

April, 1856: Man from First to Last Requires Assistance

May, 1856: Mother's Nannie

January, 1857: Frontispiece

February, 1857: Old and Young America

March, 1857: Mitherless Bairn

July, 1857: Grandfathers Watch

September, 1857: Heel and Toe

November, 1857: The Governess

November, 1857: Learning to Write

February, 1858: The Old Stile

June, 1858: The First Step

June, 1858: A Tale of the Times

July, 1858: Worship in the Wilderness

August, 1858: Shattered by the First Storm

October, 1858: The Miracles

November, 1858:

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