Godey's: Table of Contents, Vol 55

July - December, 1857

A Bouquet of Roses
A Fragment
by S. A. Andrews
A Health to Fleur de Lis
by Helen Hamilton
A Homily upon Children
By W. S. Gaffney
by Elizabeth W. Brown
A Little Flower
by W. S. Gaffney
Alphabet of Fancy Letters(Illustrated)396
Amicitiaby Hiawatha157
A Mother's Trials21
A Mother's Wagesby Alice B. Neal37
A Mule Ride in Madeiraby Metta Victoria Victor493
Aquariums, No. 2(Illustrated)45
A Rainy Day with my Friend Mugginsby A. E. Stewart54
A Scene of Retribution503
A Sensible Preacher233
A Swiss Cottage(Illustrated)65
A Symmetrical Farm-House of Stone and Rough-Cast(Illustrated)257
Attend to your Sight15
At Twilightby Clara Augustus350
Aunt Hetty's Challengeby R. D. H.241
Aunt Sophie's Visitsby Lucy N. Godfrey433, 519
Aunt Tabitha's Firesideby Edith Woodley22, 332
Awayby Guy Humboldt158
Baby's Shoe(Illustrated)198
Baby's Shoe in Knitting(Illustrated)457
Basques(Illustrated)67, 161, 163, 172, 260
Bead Candlestick Ornament(Illustrated)360
Beaded Mat(Illustrated)268
Bed Furniture Fringe(Illustrated)492, 546
Blotting, or Note-Book(Illustrated)4
Bonnets(Illustrated)197, 261, 287, 384, 451, 541, 542
Boudoir Work-basket(Illustrated)484, 545
Box Pincushion(Illustrated)356
Braiding Pattern for top of a Pincushion(Illustrated)299
Broderie Anglaise(Illustrated)9, 267, 486
Cambric Morning-Dress(Illustrated)193, 287
Caps(Illustrated)162, 200, 260, 355, 452, 490, 491, 542
Capes(Illustrated)67, 451, 542
Caroline Backwoods Sketchesby Mrs. M. S. Whitaker48
A Fable for the Times567
Books for Travelling or Country Reading94
Dining Out476
Embroideries in the first Stage of Manufacture190
Fashion Items gathered from various sources189
Hints to Boarders381
Home Ornament382
Hope Deferred568
How a Penny Became a Thousand Pounds568
Nursling Vespers,by Rev. J. E. Rankin94
Paris Gossip285, 381, 476
Sea-Side Botany189
Sisters-in-law93, 286
Sunday Evenings at Home285
To Correspondents94, 190, 286, 382, 477, 569
Chemistry for the Young273, 368, 465, 556
Children's Dresses(Illustrated)354
Child's Collar and Cuff(Illustrated)489
Cloak, or Mantillla(Illustrated)293, 383
The Andalusian, from Brodie(Illustrated)359
The Arrragon, from Brodie(Illustrated)262
The Asturian, from Brodie(Illustrated)453
The Castilian, from Brodie(Illustrated)101
The Eureka, from Brodie(Illustrated)72
The Leonese, from Brodie(Illustrated)454
The Saragossa, from Brodie(Illustrated)358
The Victoria, from Brodie(Illustrated)552
Collars(Illustrated)75, 106, 202, 294, 388
Confluence of Souls Congenialby J. M. L.446
Corners for Pocket Handkerchiefs(Illustrated)76, 167, 357, 392, 461
Crochet Boots for an Infant(Illustrated)363
Crochet Lace(Illustrated)298
Crochet Pincushion(Illustrated)299
Crown of Cap(Illustrated)200
Design for the Cape of a Child's Coat(Illustrated)104
Design for a Sofa Cushion or Tidy(Illustrated)355
Design for a Sofa Cushion in the Style of Louis XV(Illustrated)6, 70
Diagram of Lady's Ball Dress(Illustrated)544
Diagram of Lady's Basque(Illustrated)192
Diagram of Sun-Bonnet(Illustrated)269
D'Oyley, in Flanders Guipure(Illustrated)164
Drawing-Room Elbow Cushion(Illustrated)548, 549
About Children83
A Broken Heart371
A Colloquy with our Fairest Readers557
A "Font" of Type468
A Garland for Theeby Ucaleo84
A Select Audience179
A Sketch from Life178
Caution to Critics83
Charlotte Bronte274
Christmas Hymn558
Courtesy in Conversation179
Curious Orthography179
Effect of Marriage on Character558
Fashions of the Hooped Skirts371
Grammatical Errors177
Health is in our Borders469
Hospitals for the Insane180
How a Philosopher made Love84
Lady orators; or, the Oratress in Mourning372
Linesby Mrs. Margaret B. Cutting569
Literary Philanthropy277
Man's Love372
Medical Education of Women558
Mushroom Aristocracy275
Naval Honors to Captain Herndon559
New England Medical College for Ladies468
On the Premature Death of Dr. Kaneby Cecilia Ferguson83
Phonography, what it is , and what it does179
Places of Education for Young Women83, 179
"Save the Women and Children"559
Schools in California83
Thanksgiving Dayby Lillian372
Thanksgiving Day371
The Art of Amusing Children369
The Herndon Memorial559
The Ladies' Mount Vernon Association81, 180, 278, 370
The National Thanksgiving466
The Value of a Good Wife466
The Water Cure180
What has to be Learned83
What Women are Doing276
Embossed Glass(Illustrated)240
Embroidery, Inserting, &c. (Illustrated) 8,;66, 69, 70
163, 171, 172, 264, 268, 292, 296, 297, 298
300, 352, 353, 356, 362, 364, 385, 393, 394
450, 459, 460, 488, 490, 543, 544, 569
Embroidery Pattern on the Robe of the Prince Imperial of France(Illustrated)268
Enigmas64, 160, 256, 351, 448, 540
Evening Thoughtsby Allan Mac157
Every-day Phenomena312
Flase Prideby Georgiana H. S. Hull113
Family Unity524
Fashions95, 191, 287, 383, 477, 569
Female Society137
Flouncing for a Skirt(Illustrated)171
Flouncing for Sleeves(Illustrated)171
Fruits in Summer42
Fuchsia Pattern for Child's Claok(Illustrated)297
Full Instructions in Needle-Work of all kinds(Illustrated)170, 265, 361, 455, 551
Geraldineby Metta Victoria Victor61
Gift-Makingby Alice B. Neal421
Glass and its Phenomena408
Godey's Arm-Chair87, 183, 280, 375, 472, 563
Godey's Course of Lessons in Drawing(Illustrated)129, 320
Good Humor36
Gone Down at Seaby George R. Calvert538
Grandfather's Watchby Virginia de Forrest43
Guipure Sleeve Design(Illustrated)298
Half of Embroidered Collar(Illustrated)106, 202
Handkerchief Border(Illustrated)292
Heel and Toeby Virginia de Forrest217
Hints on Bathing60
How Effie Hamilton spent Christmasby Virginia de Forrest534
How to Cut and Contrive Children's Clothes(Illustrated)73, 169, 266
How to Dress with Taste213
How to Fall Asleep420
How to Teach the Alphabet335
I have been among the Fairiesby Charles Morris348
Infant's Apron(Illustrated)364
Infant's Shoe(Illustrated)395
Initials(Illustrated)203, 452
Isabella Stewartby Pauline Forsyth147
Italian Villa(Illustrated)449
Katrinaby J. H. McNaughton446
Knitted Gaiter(Illustrated)457
La Esmeralda(Illustrated)97, 191
Lady's Ball Dress(Illustrated)543
Lady's Jacket(Illustrated)385, 450, 456
Letter from a Lady of a "Certain Age"52
Let's never give wayby Whiston White350
Linesby Harriet
Lines sent to Mrs. J.M.C., with an Aeolian Harpby C.G.B.***160
Lines to a New-born Babeby Margaret J.C.445
Literary Notices85, 181, 278, 373, 470, 560
Mat.--In Berlin Work(Illustrated)393, 450
Match-Makingby Alice B. Neal234
May and Iby Willie E. Pabor159
Memoriesby Hugh N. Moore349
Midnightby Maria E. Bisbee539
Modeling in Glass(Illustrated)168
Morning Dress(Illustrated)1, 95
Mrs. Daffodil at an Evening Partyby Virginia de Forrest403
Music2, 98, 194, 254, 290, 386, 482
My Own Sweet Homeby Lillian539
Names for Marking(Illustrated)9, 297, 485
New Style of Bonnets(Illustrated)197, 287
New Style of Collars and Cuffs(Illustrated)75
Novelties for the Month(Illustrated)67, 161, 260, 354, 451, 541
Oak Leaf and Acorn Pattern(Illustrated)300
Obedience, how Taught to Children344
Ocean Depthsby M. A. Rice63
Old Shoes151
Only a Pebble444
Our Brother Sleepsby D. Hardy, Jr.446
"Our Father"by Winnie130
Our Native Landby Mrs. Jane Maria Mead539
Over-Jacket, or Morning Jacket(Illustrated)352, 353
Palm Pattern for a Crochet Purse(Illustrated)166
Patchwork(Illustrated)71, 105, 259, 298, 389, 487
Paternal Duty47
Picturesby Charles Ernst Fahnestock254
Pincushion made with Pins or Beads(Illustrated)102, 167
Point Lace(Illustrated)74
Point-Lace Cap, for an Infant(Illustrated)201
Point of Young Lady's Stomacher(Illustrated)200
Porte-monnaie Embroidered in Kid(Illustrated)458
Practical Instructions in Stay-Making(Illustrated)165
Railway Stitch(Illustrated)164
Raphael. Translated from the French by Anne T. Wilbur409
Receipts, &c. 77,;173, 270, 365, 462, 553
Reminiscencesby X. Y. Z.159
Reminiscences of Bonnetsby Florence Fashionhunter (Illustrated)144, 330
Rich Border in Guipure for an Infant's Robe(Illustrated)488, 545
Rich Guipure Border(Illustrated)8
Shepherd Life.--A Pastoralby D. W. C. Roberts348
Silk Broderie(Illustrated)388
Slippers(Illustrated)10, 460, 461
Sofa Cushion, Embroidered in Beads and Wool(Illustrated)100, 163
Sofa Pillow in Fluted, or Ribbed Berlin Embroidery(Illustrated)492, 545
Something for All345
Songby George Lewellyn Miner
Sonnetsby Wm. Alexander61, 158, 255, 351, 447, 540
Springby Nina64
Sun-Bonnet(Illustrated)264, 269
Sunset Musingsby Mrs. E. J. Bugbee349
The Art of Painting on Glass(Illustrated)10, 107
The Artist in the Woods412
The Birds of the Poetsby Maria Norris34, 122
The Box of Blocks156
The Brook440, 511
The Country Housewifeby Mrs. A. E. Porter270, 365
The Drunkard's Wifeby Clara Augusta159
The Elopementby Pauline Forsyth337
The Family Drawing-Master(Illustrated)25, 224, 407, 517
The Frugal Housewifeby Alice B. Neal124
The Garden of Gethsemane324
The Governessby Mrs. E. W. Cox (Illustrated)413
The Gypsy's Warningby Georgina D. S.448
The Heart's Triumphby Julia A. Barber447
The Homesteadby J. L.350
The Lake of Visionsby Mary Starr62
The Light of Other Daysby Ella F. Hewes448
The Lost Diamondsby Mrs. C. Crowe131, 244
The Lost Relativesby Virginia F. Townsend306, 397
The Manufacture of Silkby C. T. Hinckley (Illustrated)203, 301
The Market Gardenerby Pauline Forsyth504
The Miniatureby Wille Myrtle De Haven347
The Miacleby Gerald Sidney256
The Montespan Collar and Sleeve(Illustrated)546
The Oak-Leaf Slipper(Illustrated)70
The Old Laneby J. Starr Halloway254
The Pioneer's Daughterby Clara P. Williston16
The Returnby Alfred Burnett253
There's Beauty Everywhereby X. Y. Z.64
The Sea-Shellby H. Clay Preuss256
The Servant Questionby Alice B. Neal325
The Shadows we Castby T. S. Arthur142
The Sistersby Virginia de Forrest (Illustrated)322
The Sleeping Childby L. R. Goodman351
The Spirit-Landby Rev. M. L. Hofford, A. M.538
The Still Heartby Charlotte Barber158
The Summer Rain63
The Sunbeamby F. W. Alexander348
The Sunshineby Hermione253
The Tallow Family in America27, 138, 220
The Trials of Temperby Ellen Liston429
The Wedding-Ringby N. P. Charlot447
The Winter of Lifeby Mrs. P. A. Bascom445
"Thou art the Way, the Truth, and the Life"by Beatrice447
Tidies(Illustrated)70, 390, 430, 485
To A. D. S.By Carrie219
To a Friendby Frank Forest351
To Alice, with a Bouquetby Harry160
To a Wild Lupineby William James Lisle540
To Maryby J. W. Beazell349
To Jennyby E. J. Dobell255
To Purify the Air of an Apartment439
Trials of an English Housekeeper57, 316, 531
Trussing and Carving(Illustrated)79
Turquoise Doyley Pattern(Illustrated)263
Uncle George; or, The Family Mysteryby Wilkie Collins225, 260
Under Full Sailby Alice B. Neal525
Undersleeves(Illustrated)162, 260, 452
Waiting for Dead Men's Shoesby Jessie May209
Walking and Talking432
Watch, Wait, and Prayby R. H. Willoughby540
What is the News?428
Winter Musingsby M.A. Rice538
Woman's Loveby Will Wallace445
Woods in Autumnby J. Starr Holloway446
Woollen Chemisette(Illustrated)289, 362
Young Lady's Stomacher(Illustrated)199

Transcribed and copyright by Hope Greenberg. 2/8/96. For the Godey's Lady's Book project. Use freely as long as
this acknowledgement is attached.