Godey's Lady's Book - Fiction

Author: Alice B. Neal

Title: The Tapestry Carpet; or, Mr. Pinkney's Shopping

Date: January 1856

Volume/Page: v52 p15


Mr. Pinkney, of the country, goes to the city on business. His trip is preceded by much discussion at home about the purchase of a new carpet as well as sundry items for the family. On reaching the city he sets out to find a carpet, is lured into a store by a "friendly young man," convinced to buy an expensive but glorious carpet (just like the Queen's in Buckingham Palace) which uses up his entire budget for both carpet and other items.

Returning home, he finds his family approves his choice of carpet as far as looks but is less than happy with it for several reasons: it is too fine, will not last, and doesn't quite make up for the loss of the other items that he was to have purchased. M r. Pinkney regrets his decision but Mrs. Pinkney comes to the rescue. She sells the carpet to the local well-to-do family, purchases a simpler, more practical carpet, and has money to spare for the other purchases.

Written and copyright by Hope Greenberg. 11/24/95.