Godey's Lady's Book - Fiction

Author: Alice B. Neal

Title: The Miller's Dream; or, The Wedding Bonnet

Date: July 1855

Volume/Page: v51 p29


The fashionable Miss Costar, who is to be married tomorrow, needs a traveling bonnet immediately as the expected ship from France that carries part of her new trousseau has not arrived. Madame Millefleurs, the owner of the shop, promises a miraculous conf ection and promptly turns the responsibility of it over to her head assistant, Alice Leary.

Alice attempts to be creative but the August heat, the glaring sun, her envy of Miss Costar's good fortune, and the dejected thoughts of how long she must wait, for financial reasons, before she, too, can be married, prove too much for her and she dozes o ff. Her dreams are filled with visions of hats through the ages and premonitions about the future Mrs. Brevont. She sees how the couple are concerned only for show, not really in love, and interested only in the fashionable world. She sees their marriage falling apart because it has no real foundation.

She is awakened by her "someone" who has come to walk her home. He comforts her and has good news: recent events will lead to an earlier marriage for them then originally planned and he will be able to care for both her and her invalid mother and sister. His words and tone sustain her the next morning as she arrives early to complete the demanded bonnet.

Written and copyright by Hope Greenberg. 11/24/95.