Godey's Lady's Book - Fiction

Author: T. S. Arthur

Title: Shattered by the First Storm

Date: August 1858

Volume/Page: v57 p152


Harry Melville, against the advice of his father, sets up a business at the age of twenty-one. He overspends his income, marries a socialite wife, pays no attention to the warnings of his father, and is "shattered by the first storm" of financial trouble. His wife "a mere summer-blossom" can do nothing but "weep, and wring her hands, and sob like a distressed actress."

"Take the lesson to heart, ye too eager young men. . .Old Mr. Melville was entirely right in his counsel to his son. A business commenced at twenty one, or even as early as twenty-five, is almost certain to result in failure. The first thing a young man who hopes to succeed in the world needs to learn is economy in his personal expenditures."

Written and copyright by Hope Greenberg. 11/24/95.