Barns: Site Visits

Rokeby Museum

Rt.7 Ferrisburg, VT

Smoke House and ash house
Approximately 1790-1800. Has hand wrought nails and vertical sawmarks.

Summer kitchen and Stable
This building has been extensively restored. There is evidence that another residence was attached to the front (right, in this picture) of this building. The kitchen ell is to the right (note fireplace).

Chicken Coop
Has a poured concrete and stone foundation. Probably built in the late 1890s to early 1900s. Large windows and sunlight were considered beneficial for poultry. The presense of a separate chicken coop shows the changing perception of poultry from nuisance animal to useful animal, made possible with advances in treating and preventing poultry diseases.

Granery and Corn Crib
1850s. Cut nails. Spacers between clapboards (left side) for ventilation of corn crib bins. Building raised on stone posts to prohibit vermin.

Ice House/Creamery
Double walls for insulating ice.