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All first-time Global Village students are required to enroll in Global & Regional Studies (GRS) 025-The Global Village during either the fall or spring semester. This largely self-paced, one-credit course is designed to help students get the most out of their experience as a Global Village citizen.

Faculty, staff and students will work together closely throughout the year to develop a rich and varied offering of activities that will be of interest to students in all houses. A number of "Common Hour" community gatherings will be held on Tuesday afternoons throughout the semester. The primary purpose of the Common Hour is to build a sense of community among the members of the many Global Village houses and programs. As well, the Common Hour gatherings will help Global Village citizens build a common knowledge and skill set, including such topics as intercultural communication, globalization, etc.

During weeks when the Common Hours are not held, students will be expected to participate in one educational event or activity with a global cultural theme. Examples of these activities might include:

  • Attending a Lane Series concert
  • Attending, arranging, or even presenting a Living/Learning Center Speaker Series event
  • Attending an exhibit at the Fleming Museum or the Living/Learning Gallery
  • Viewing and discussing a foreign film as part of the Global Village Film Festival
  • Coordinating a culturally-oriented meal or celebration for the Global Village
  • Participating in a community service event
  • Attending a study skills workshop offered by the Learning Co-op
  • Attending a pre-registration advising session sponsored by the Global Village
  • Inviting a faculty member to lunch at the Marché in Living/Learning
  • Participating in a Study Abroad or an International Careers workshop
  • Participating in a program meeting of another program in the Global Village
  • Participating in a field trip to Montréal or Ottawa
  • And these ideas are just for starters!

Students will keep track of their activities and explorations using the Global Village Passport, which will be distributed during our first Common Hour.



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