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Statments of Purpose

Lane Manning, Materials Science

I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Materials Science program, with a focus in Physics. I received my undergraduate degree in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Vermont as well, and was thrilled to return here for my graduate studies. After my first year working as the Secretary/Treasurer, and a second year as the Vice-President, I am excited for the opportunity to become even more involved with the Graduate College and Graduate Students. I gladly anticipate interacting and listening to members of this community, and believe that approaching this with an open and objective mindset is paramount to enhancing the graduate experience. I have also previously represented the graduate student body while working with the GSS during the Provost search, the University Presidential search, the search for the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and I hope to further enhance that involvement. I believe my past experiences within the community of UVM will aid in addressing the needs and responsibilities associated with the President position, and I look forward to serving the Executive Council with pride.

Vice President
Jennifer Swain, Business

Jennifer is finishing her first year in the Master of Business Administration program. She works as a graduate assistant in the School of Business Administration, and serves as a graduate fellow at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. Jennifer completed her bachelor degree at UVM, as well. She has been employed by the university in a number of positions since 2007, including teaching assistantships, and operations and events management at the Davis Center. Her experiences through a variety of roles in the campus community have provided a unique perspective into the workings of both university policy and student life. She would like to continue her involvement with GSS and work to promote institutional support for graduate students.

Owen Myers, Materials Science

I have been enrolled in the university of Vermont for about 8 years and I have also been involved in student government for three years. I received my undergraduate degree in physics from UVM and I plan on finishing my PhD here as well. I spent two years as a senator representing the physics department and this past year I served as the communications director. I am passionate about improving this university not only because I think it has great potential but also because, fundamentally, I believe strongly in the importance of education. In my time here I have realized how important the administrative side of education is and I would like to keep developing my skills in that area.

UVM has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of my life. I would like to shape and help the university that has shaped me. Being on the GSS executive counsel is one of the best ways to serve the university in a constructive way and be a part of something that influences so many people. I am ambitious about taking on the role of treasurer for several reasons. First: I am an organized person and I believe my experience in student government has given me good perspective enabling me to head the student affairs committee and the decisions it is required to make. Second: My background in the mathematical sciences means I am capable of balancing our budget and making inferences about future spending based off of calculated projections.

Communications Director
Peter Harnish, Physics

As a Graduate Student Senator, I have taken a great interest in the GSS and the grad student community. I have shown my dedication to the Senate, having attended every meeting and nearly every social event. I have also invested my time as a member of the Finance Committee.

As Communications Director, I will continue my commitment to the grad student community. Having been on several Executive Boards in my undergrad as well as a student member of a Faculty Board, I am aware of the duties and workload necessary to provide the excellence the GSS deserves. With my experience in programming, l am fully capable to maintain and improve the GSS webpage. Given this opportunity, I promise to do my best at improving the growing Graduate Student Senate and provide support to all my fellow graduate students.

Outreach and Programs Director
Jing Luo, Higher Education and Student Affairs

I am a HESA senator at GSS and a graduate assistant in the Office of International Education. I am doing programming for international students and helping them to adapt to this new environment. I have been reaching out to other graduate students in GSS and organized some events through my assistantship. I have skills to assist me in this position, such as communication, planning, implementing, trouble-shooting and assessment. I hope that more graduate students will be involved in this community and give back to it. If I will be voted for this position, I will continue the tradition of pub tour, bowling night and ice skating. Also, I would like to reach out some other offices to do more programming, which depend on students’ professional, personal and social developments.

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