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Graduate Program

Current Senator(s)

Animal, Nutrition, and Food SciencesRobert Mugabi and Bonnie Ann Cantrell
Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical SciencesPhill Munson and Diana Lea Gerrard
ChemistryJonathan Hollin
Civil and Environmental EngineeringBrent Barenberg
Community Development and Applied EconomicsDanielle Shaw
CounselingBrian Tobin
Education Leadership and Policy StudiesStephen Netcoh and David Dearden
Food SystemsAlana Chriest
Higher Education and Student Affairs AdministrationTynesha McCullers and Carly Bidner
Interdisciplinary Studies in EducationDuy Nguyen
Master of Public AdministrationJesse Cases-Villablanca
Mechanical EngineeringYao Xiangxiao
NeuroscienceJames Bishop
PharmacologyBolu Zhou
Social WorkTeresa Emery

If you do not see your program listed and/or would like to become a senator, please Contact Us.

Committee Representatives

Graduate Student Sentate

Finance Committee

Oversees the finances of GSS and processes applications for Graduate College Mini Grants. Comprised of the GSS Treasurer and 2 senators.
Members: Roger DaGama, Brent Barenberg, Diana Gerrard, Jesse Cases-Villablanca

Student Affairs Committee

Responsible for documenting and providing guidance for grievances and concerns affecting graduate students that are submitted to the Graduate Student Senate.
Members: Devin Champagne, Teresa Emery, Duy Nguyen, Robert Mugabi, Demeturie Gogue

Board of Trustees

Budget, Finance, & Investment Committee

Oversees the development of strategic long-range institutional financial plan and related plan objectives.
Members: Roger DaGama, Niki Patel

Audit Committee

Responsible for the quality and integrity of the University’s financial statements.
Members: Phil Munson

Educational Policy & Institutional Resources Committee

Oversees the development and status of programmatic and resource use plans and related plan objectives.
Members: Michelle DiPinto, Devin Champagne

Faculty Senate

Cirricular Affairs Committee

Responsible long-range planning of majors, minors, and other academic standards for undergraduate and graduate students.
Members: Duy Nguyen

Educational and Research Technologies Committee

Responsible for the development and implementation of educational and research technologies and the review of related policies and procedures.
Members: Carly Bidner

Financial & Physical Planning Committee

Responsible of physical resources for the institution and issues related to the formulation of the University Budget.
Members: Bonnie Cantrell

Research, Scholarship, & the Creative Arts Committee

Responsible for research, scholarly work, and the creative arts at the University. Serves as a liaison between the Faculty Senate and the administration of support of research and the creative arts and advancing knowledge and communication.
Members: Jessica Sheehe

Student Affairs Committee

Responsible for issues related to student affairs, effects on the educational process, and academic climate of the University.
Members: Robert Mugabi, Theresa Emery


Our Common Ground Committee

Recommends members of the UVM community to the President for Our Common Ground Award.
Members: Michelle DiPinto

Student Trustee Search Committee

Responsible for selecting a student representative (undergraduate, graduate, or medical) to sit on the Board of Trustees. The selected Student Trustee is a full voting member of the Board.
Members: Devin Champagne

Traffic Board of Appeals

Reviews appeals from students, faculty, staff, and visitors who have received parking tickets and/or have been towed for violations of the UVM parking rules and regulations.
Members: Weiwei Wang

UVM Transportation and Parking Services Advisory Committee (TAPSAC)

Responsible for the management of both the Campus Area Transportation System (CATS) and the University parking programs.
Members: David Dearden

Career Center Committee, SRC Committee

Members: Michelle DiPinto

Executives Committee, IBB Steering, Honorary Degree Advisory

Members: Devin Champagne

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