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Graduate Program

Current Senator(s)

BioengineeringJaspreet Singh Nagi
BiologyAshley Waldron
ChemistryBrandon Ackley, Kevin Fischer and Kayla Johnson
Civil and Environmental EngineeringLindsay Worley and Robert Lee Worley
Communication Sciences and DisordersEmme O'Rourke
Community Development and Applied EconomicsJunru Guo
Doctor of Nursing PracticeJace Nebeker
Electrical EngineeringSakil Ahmed Chowdhury
EnglishJeffrey Garfield Adams, Emma Giering and Andrew Ridgeway
Food SystemsCaroline Aubry and Josiah Taylor
Higher Education and Student Affairs AdministrationJessica Cotton
Historic PreservationBexley Brown
HistoryMara Hintz
Material ScienceSanish Paramadam and Bharat Poudel
Medical SciencesEric Hobson
Natural ResourcesRosaura (Rosie) Chapina, Tatiana Gladkikh and Rigo Melgar-Melgar
NeuroscienceErin Cullen, Matthew McCabe and Callum Thomas
Nutrition and Food SciencesRosalind Grace Neale
PharmacologyMolly Hurd
Physical TherapyNick Franssen
PhysicsJohnny Gonzalez
Plant and Soil ScienceJennifer Bower and Alissa White
Plant BiologyAnoob Prakash and Berke Tinaz
Public AdministrationJacqualyn Gillen and Humon Heidarian
Public HealthAvery Rasmussen

If you do not see your program listed and/or would like to become a senator, please Contact Us.

Committee Representatives

Graduate Student Senate

Finance Committee

Oversees the finances of GSS and processes applications for Graduate College Mini Grants. Comprised of the GSS Treasurer and two senators.
Members: Aayudh Das (Chair), Tatiana Gladkikh, and Jaspreet Singh Nagi

Student Affairs Committee

Responsible for documenting and providing guidance for grievances and concerns affecting graduate students that are submitted to the Graduate Student Senate.
Members: Joey Campbell (Chair), Berke Tinaz, Mara Hintz, and Jeff Adams

Constitution and Bylaws Revision Committee

Revisits the GSS Bylaws and Constitution to propose new amendments to allow GSS to operate more efficiently given the rules that governs this body.
Members: Brandon Ackley (Chair), Mahafuza Aktar, Erin Cullen, Eric Hobson, and Anoob Prakash

Graduate Student Housing Action Committee

Works with Graduate College and University administration to ensure that graduate student housing needs are addressed in short- and long-term university building plans.
Members: Joey Campbell (Chair), Kayla Johnson, Molly Hurd, Kevin Fischer, Aayudh Das, Andrew Ridgeway, Callum Thomas, Josh Taylor, and Berke Tinaz

Maternity and Family Leave Action Committee

Works to develop a university-wide maternity, paternity and family leave policy for all graduate students by researching current policies in place at UVM's peer institutions and designing an appropriate policy in collaboration with the Graduate College and University administrations.
Members: Kayla Johnson (Co-Chair), Molly Hurd (Co-Chair), Kenna Rewcastle, Aarzoo Grover, Erin Cullen, Alissa White, and Jace Nebeker

Graduate Student Stipend Action Committee

Evaluates graduate student stipends at UVM to ensure fair payment for the work graduate students do for the university based on graduate student stipends offered at other public land grant universities and the cost of living in Burlington.
Members: Jaspreet Singh Nagi (Co-Chair), Matt McCabe (Co-Chair), Aayudh Das, Anoob Prakash, Aarzoo Grover, Tatiana Gladkikh, and Emme O'Rourke

Parking Action Committee

Works with the University administration to design and implement graduate student parking policies that better serve the needs of this community.
Members: Bob Worley II (Co-Chair), Bharat Poudel (Co-Chair), Jessica Bocanegra, Johnny Gonzalez, Sanish Paramadam, Sakil Chowdhury, and Ashley Waldron

Graduate Student Fees Action Committee

Works with the University administration to improve the transparency surrounding graduate student fees and enhance the benefits that graduate students receive in return for these fees.
Members: Kevin Fischer (Co-Chair), Avery Rasmussen (Co-Chair), Joey Campbell, Brandon Ackley, Berke Tinaz, Kayla Johnson, Jackie Gillen, and Rigo Melgar-Melgar

Diversity Action Committee

Works with the Graduate Student Senate and the Graduate College to promote diversity and inclusion within the Senate itself and within the larger graduate student community at UVM.
Members: Rosy Neale (Co-Chair), Erin Cullen (Co-Chair), Mahafuza Aktar, Rosie Chapina, Caroline Aubry, Bexley Brown, Jessica Cotton, and Humon Heidarian

Campus and Community Engagement Action Committee

By hosting social events, improving communication to graduate students from all departments across the university, and organizing community service opportunities, this committee seeks to foster a community among graduate students and enable connections across disciplines.
Members: Mara Hintz (Chair), Jessica Bocanegra, Molly Hurd, Jeffrey Adams, Eric Hobson, June Guo, and Lindsay Worley

Board of Trustees

Audit Committee

Responsible for monitoring the quality and integrity of the University’s financial statements.
Members: Aayudh Das

Educational Policy and Institutional Resources Committee

Oversees the development and status of programmatic and resource use plans and related plan objectives.
Members: Jessica Bocanegra and Kenna Rewcastle

Budget, Finance, and Investment Committee

Oversees the development and review of strategic institutional financial plans and objectives as well as the formation and approval of UVM's budget.
Members: Michelle DiPinto and Joey Campbell

Faculty Senate

Curricular Affairs Committee

Responsible long-range planning of majors, minors, and other academic standards for undergraduate and graduate students.
Members: Camille Marcotte

Educational and Research Technologies Committee

Responsible for the development and implementation of educational and research technologies and the review of related policies and procedures.
Members: Kayla Johnson

Financial & Physical Planning Committee

Responsible of physical resources for the institution and issues related to the formulation of the University Budget.
Members: Jackie Gillen

Research, Scholarship, & the Creative Arts Committee

Responsible for research, scholarly work, and the creative arts at the University. Serves as a liaison between the Faculty Senate and the administration of support of research and the creative arts and advancing knowledge and communication.
Members: Brandon Ackley

Student Affairs Committee

Responsible for issues related to student affairs, effects on the educational process, and academic climate of the University.
Members: Berke Tinaz


Our Common Ground Committee

Recommends members of the UVM community to the President for Our Common Ground Award.
Members: Mahafuza Aktar and Joey Campbell

Student Trustee Search Committee

Responsible for selecting a student representative (undergraduate, graduate, or medical) to sit on the Board of Trustees. The selected Student Trustee is a full voting member of the Board.
Members: Joey Campbell

Traffic Board of Appeals

Reviews appeals from students, faculty, staff, and visitors who have received parking tickets and/or have been towed for violations of the UVM parking rules and regulations.
Members: Phillip Munson

Campus Master Plan Advisory Committee

Advises the university administration in developing a Campus Master Plan the that provides a flexible framework that can accommodate changes in attitudes about campus environments, new technologies and revised institutional requirements.
Members: Tatiana Gladkikh

UVM Transportation and Parking Services Advisory Committee (TAPSAC)

Responsible for the management of both the Campus Area Transportation System (CATS) and the University parking programs.
Members: Jessica Bocanegra and Kevin Fischer

Socially Responsible Investing Advisory Council

Makes recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer on sustainability investment at the University of Vermont, including positive investments of operating cash reserves and the Clean Energy Fund.
Members: Hilary Byerly and Eric Recchia

Student Research Conference Committee

Organizes the annual spring Student Research Conference that showcases graduate and undergraduate research.
Members: Jessica Bocanegra

Executive Committee, IBB Steering Committee, and Honorary Degree Advisory Committee

Members: Joey Campbell

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