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Sponsored Organizations

The Graduate Student Senate can officially endorse organizations in order to provide resources on campus. The GSS can reserve space on campus and assist in publicizing the group. The basic requirements for recognition are at least 75% grad student membership and the submission of a mission statement or constitution at a Senate meeting.

Soccer Club

We represent a diverse group of graduate students from various programs within the Graduate College of the University of Vermont with one goal: a desire to play and enjoy one of the world’s most fun games, soccer. In the spirit of friendship, we entreat students to wear indoor cleats or shoes as the game is played on the turf (artificial grass) field to avoid unnecessary injuries. The game is a Co-ed pick-up soccer activity meaning both men and women play together so we suggest individuals are very careful not to play aggressively or deliberately cause injury to another player. Game are every Friday 8pm to 10 pm in Patrick Gym, next to the indoor tennis court.
Contact information:
Xiaoxi Liu: or Francis Ayombil:

Nursing Students for Choice

NSFC is dedicated to advancing and securing reproductive health and justice for all through advocacy, activism, provider education and training. We welcomes any undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral level nursing student who is interested in ensuring that nurses are fully trained to meet the reproductive health care needs of their communities.
Contact information:
Erica Anna Lyons, R.N.:

Indian Students' Association

The ISA is a group of mostly graduate students of Indian origin studying at UVM. The association aims to create a social network amongst the Indian community on campus and give them an opportunity to continue enjoying typically Indian customs and traditions, here in the US. The association also aims to participate in various activities organised by the University along with other student organizations, thereby contributing to the diversity on campus.
Contact information:
Naveen Rawat:

Other clubs include

  • Bible Study
  • Natural Resources

Affliated Organizations

Budokan Karate-do

The Budokan Karate-do Center is the headquarters for the Japan Karate Association of Vermont. We are affiliated with the Japan Karate Association (JKA), a worldwide organization dedicated to encourage the growth and development of traditional Japanese Karate, and with JKA Shotokan Karate-do International, which operates out of New York. We train under the auspices of Sensei Masataka Mori, 8th Dan, chief instructor of Shotokan Karate-Do International, and under the guidance of Shiroma Isami Sensei 6th Dan JKA
Contact information:
Bryan Dondero:

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