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Executive Election

Executive Election Application

Duties of the President

The President presides over meetings of the Senate and sets the agenda for these meetings. The President acts as liaison between University of Vermont Administrators and the GSS and represent the graduate students on the Graduate College Executive Committee. The President shall also meet with the Dean of the Graduate College and the President of the University on a regular basis.

Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President acts in the capacity of the President if the President is unable to attend or participate. The Vice-President presides as Chair of the Student Affairs Committee and represents the graduate students on the Faculty Senate Research, Scholarship, and Graduate Education committee and coordinating Graduate Student Senators on external Boards and Committees. The Vice-President assistings the Office of the Vice-President for Research with organization of the University of Vermont Student Research Conference.

Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer is Chair of the Finance Committee and Mini-­Grant Committee and maintaining all financial records of the GSS. The Treasurer works with the Executive Council to oversee the financial structure, planning, and operations.

Duties of the Outreach and Programs Director

The Outreach and Programs Director is responsible for planning and implementing any social events. The Outreach and Programs Director disseminate a complete list of available activities for graduate students.

Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary takes minutes at all Senate meetings. The Secretary maintains the attendance records at all GSS Meetings. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the Graduate Student Senate Web Pages and any other form of electronic presence of the GSS.

GSS Executive Council Elections

Statments of Purpose

Lane Manning

I am a fifth year Ph.D. student in the Materials Science program, with a focus in Physics. I received my undergraduate degree in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Vermont as well, and was thrilled to return here for my graduate studies. After my first year working as the Secretary/Treasurer, and a second year as the Vice-President, I was elected to the position of President of the Graduate Student Senate last Spring. I think it has been a very productive year for the GSS, especially in the sense of visibility around campus. This is an area that GSS had struggled with in the past, and is very important for having a seat at the table with the administration and SGA in making serious decisions to shape the future of the University. I gladly anticipate interacting and listening to members of this community, and believe that approaching this with an open and objective mindset is paramount to enhancing the graduate experience. I have also previously represented the graduate student body while working with the GSS during the Provost search, the University Presidential search, the search for the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and I am currently on the search committee for the new Vice-President of Research. I believe my past experiences within the community of UVM will aid in addressing the needs and responsibilities associated with the President position, and I look forward to serving the Executive Council with pride.

Vice President
William Vitagliano

I intend to pursue the position of Vice President of the Graduate Student Senate for the 2014-2015 academic year. I have expressed interested in the position because I have executive experience that will bring valuable insight and institutional knowledge to senate and executive council. As the former Vice President of the undergraduate Student Government Association at the University of Vermont, I have extensive experience working with administration, faculty, and staff of the institution. As SGA VP, I was responsible for bringing student initiatives to the senior administration, served on and appointed students to a variety of University boards and committees, and have developed strong working relationships with the senior administration. As an undergrad student, I served on the Board of Trustees Budget Finance and Investment Committee, Benefits Advisory Committee, President’s Commission on LGBTQ Equity, Academic Integrity Council, President’s Advisory Council, Davis Center Advisory Council (Chair), University Appointment Committee (Chair), and the Presidential Search Committee. As GSS Vice President, I will be able to bring my skills and experiences as an undergraduate student to the table to best facilitate effective dialog and initiatives among the GSS. As GSS VP, I will already have the experience and connections necessary to ensure that there is graduate involvement and representation on university wide committees, possess the ability to delegate tasks to senators, and will be able to support the GSS President and executive council in whatever ways possible. I believe that my experience of delegating tasks to 42 undergraduate senators, being responsible for all internal relations, and transparently communicating to the constituent body that I represent, gives me valuable experience that will allow me to best serve the GSS Senate. In addition to my previous undergraduate experiences, I am focusing on educational policy and administration through my Interdisciplinary Studies in Education Masters of Education program. The skills that I have acquired within the program will give me the ability to work on internal GSS policy, possessing administrative knowledge, effective internal relation/ HR skills, and being able to effectively communicate within a higher education setting.

Zachary Pion

I am an Accelerated Masters of Accountancy Student, and will complete my undergraduate studies in Business and Accounting at UVM this May. During my undergraduate career, I’ve been involved in several administrative facets of our University community, including Fraternity & Sorority Life and Business School Admissions. With the policies and practices that govern Fraternity & Sorority Life under revision in recent years, I’ve had an integral part in addressing policies that govern academic standards and standards for recognition within Fraternity & Sorority Life at UVM. I believe these experiences have given me a keen awareness of the workings of university policy and student life. I would like to continue to give back to my University and continue to foster the mission of GSS that promotes institutional support for graduate students. I believe my leadership history coupled with my academic background in Accounting and Finance make me a well-rounded candidate for the Treasurer position. Furthermore, I am incredibly organized and efficient. If elected to this position, I promise to do my best to continue growing and improving Graduate Student Senate, while remaining a voice and providing support for my fellow graduate students.

Rebecca Harvey

I’m interested in serving as GSS Secretary because I’d like to be more involved with graduate student affairs at UVM. I served in student government during my undergraduate studies and really enjoyed working with my peers to provide social events and also contributing to the development of student policies.

In addition to being organized and dependable I consider myself a very open and approachable person, all qualities that would make me a great Secretary and member of the GSS Council.

Outreach and Programs Director
Gina Marie Accorsi

I am a first year MSc student in the Geology program, with a focus in Mineralogy. I received my undergraduate degree in Geology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 2013 and am so excited to be living and teaching in Vermont! This is my first year with GSS as a Geology Senator, and I am looking forward to getting more involved in the coming year.

In organizing events to bring grads together outside of meetings, I hope to foster a sense of community based around fun, hard work, volunteering, learning and laughing together. Whether it be classic events like bowling and pub tours, or new events like movie night or a Sunday hike, I will orchestrate as many opportunities to get out and get to know each other as possible.

I would be honored to be a part of GSS and help make decisions on behalf of graduate students as a whole. Being both critical and open-minded, I will try my best to give as much time and effort as I can to GSS, in the hopes of helping it grow and continue to do good things.

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