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Dreamy Lip Balm from Caroline's Dream

Susan hand-crafts all of her salves, cleansers, and creams in small batches out of her home in East MIddlebury. She learned several medicinal properties of plants from her paternal grandmother - Caroline - of whom her store is named after. Susan uses local beeswax from Dancing Bee Gardens and she hand-creates the infused oils herself using Organic herbs and extra virgin olive oil.  She carefully selects all of the herbs to ensure that she is using safely and sustainably grown plants in her skin-care products.

Just take a look at the ingredients label and you’ll be impressed by it’s straightforward, plant based recipe. Her Relief Salve, for example is made with “Olive Oil Infused with Black Walnut, Comfrey* and Calendula*, Vermont Beeswax, Tea Tree Essential Oil*”. The ingredients with stars indicate which herbs are *organic. This is a true advantage: being able to see exactly what’s in your skin-care products and which ingredients are organic. I believe this exemplifies Susan as an entrepreneur with great integrity.

Try out some of her stuff!
It smells so delicious, you might want to eat your skin!

Products Available:
Lip Balm: $2.99 available in sweet orange, peppermint, and mountain maple

Susan Shashok
Carolines Dream
802 388 5458
Located in East Middlebury, VT

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