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Minor in German

Need more information? Please contact our chair, Prof. Helga Schreckenberger, to learn more about minoring in German. Her office is 415 Waterman Building, and telephone: (802) 656-1473. You may also contact the Department office [414 Waterman Building], telephone (802) 656-3430, email: [Department administrator].


The specific requirements for a minor in German are:

Five courses at the GERM 100 or GERM 200 level, one of which must be GERM 155 (German Literature in Context I) or GERM 156 (German Literature in Context II).

The pre-requisite for a German minor is coursework through GERM 52 (second semester of Intermediate German).

For additional information on the requirements for a minor in German, please see the 2014-2015 Online Catalogue. If you have any specific questions about the German minor, please contact us [contact information at right].


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