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Graduate Degree Requirements

Minimum Degree Requirements for the German M.A. Degree at UVM

The minimum degree requirements for the German M.A. degree are thirty hours of graduate level courses including GERM 281, GERM 282; additional courses in German, which may include two advanced courses in a related field (six hours), and thesis research (six to twelve hours).

GERM 281 and GERM 282 are the Senior/Graduate Seminars. Some recent topics include: "Heinrich von Kleist" (Fall 2010), "Goethe and World Literature" (Spring 2010), "Friedrich Schiller" (Fall 2009), "German Short Story" (Spring 2009), "German Folklore" (Fall 2008), "Rings and Precious Things" (Spring 2008), "German War Literature" (Fall 2007), and "Proverbs" (Spring 2007).

The comprehensive exam for the German M.A. degree is taken upon completion of all required coursework (at the end of the 4th semester, at latest). The exam is conducted over a period of five hours. Subject matter for the exam questions will be drawn from three German graduate program courses of the student’s choosing. In each subject area, students will answer one of the three questions offered.

For further information in the UVM Catalogue, please see Requirements for the M.A. in German.

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