University of Vermont

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Department of German and Russian


Our Department of German and Russian faculty prides itself on excellent advising of German and Russian majors and minors, and also offers advising for undeclared students, helping them choose courses in their search to determine the most appropriate and enriching major for their studies at UVM.

As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, we also offer TAP courses [Teacher-Advisor Program] in the Fall semester of each year for first-year students. Usually these are World Literature in Translation courses, for example in the Fall semester of 2014 Professor Scollins will offer WLIT 017 "Dostoevsky & Film". The instructor of each class of about 20 students also serves as the initial faculty advisor for each student in the class during the student's first year at UVM, and the small class format enables student and teacher to get to know each other well through the many hours of classroom contact.

If you have any questions about advising or advisors in the Department of German and Russian, please contact Helga Schreckenberger, Chair or Brian Minier, Department Coordinator.


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