University of Vermont

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Department of German and Russian

Augsburg City Hall, Germany
UVM has a study abroad program at the University of Augsburg in GermanySalzburg, Austria
and also at the University of Salzburg in Austria.

Study Abroad Opportunities in German

Study abroad in a German-speaking country is encouraged for either a semester or the full junior year. UVM participates in study-abroad programs at the University of Salzburg, Austria, and the University of Augsburg, Germany. Students may also participate in numerous other programs abroad; UVM's Office of International Education helps match students' interests and academic goals with appropriate programs.

Our German majors and minors have gained a tremendous amount both linguistically and personally from studying German in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland for a year or for a semester. For information about studying in Augsburg, Germany on the UVM Exchange Program, please contact Prof. Dennis Mahoney at For information about studying in Salzburg, Austria, on the New England Universities Program in Salzburg, please contact Prof. Helga Schreckenberger at

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