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Develop a Global Perspective through
German or Russian

The Department of German and Russian's talented faculty endeavor to provide our students with excellent instruction in our language, culture, and literature classes. (We offer the B.A. and M.A. degree in German, the B.A. degree in Russian, and two years of Hebrew instruction.) Students move from the basics of the language through grammar, composition and conversation, to investigation of literary texts and media. Many of our students participate in the German House and Russian House programs on campus, and go on to study abroad in their junior years.


The German program at UVM provides comprehensive instruction in German language, culture, and literature.

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Students of Russian at the University of Vermont pursue courses in Russian language, literature, and culture over four years of campus study.

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Our Department of German and Russian offers two years of Hebrew instruction - two semesters of Elementary Hebrew (HEBR 001 and 002), and two semesters of Intermediate Hebrew (HEBR 051 and 052).

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