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Application Review Process

As soon as an application is received, the Graduate Admissions Office will open a file in your name. Your program will be given access to your application within two days of receipt. Programs, however, do not act upon an application until the file is complete with official copies of test scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

Committees in each program review applications thoroughly. The Statement of Purpose is extremely important, as are test scores and past academic performance. Letters of support are weighed carefully. Programs must also consider external factors, such as the number of spaces they can make available to new applicants.

Program Involvement in the Admissions Process

Recommendations to admit or not admit, to provide financial aid or not, are made by the programs and forwarded to the Graduate College where they are reviewed. Letters of acceptance or denial are sent from the Graduate College.

Offers of financial support are made directly by programs.

The department or program to which you are applying may take from several days to a month or more to review applications. You may contact the program directly to ask about the status of your application. Once the Graduate College has been notified of a program's recommendation regarding your application, a decision letter will be mailed to you.

If you do not hear anything regarding your application after a sufficient amount of time, please call the Graduate College Admissions Office (802-656-2699) or email Questions about admission to individual programs should be directed to the appropriate program.

All documents received in support of an application, except irreplaceable foreign materials or term paper and essays required by some departments, become the property of the Graduate College and cannot be returned, copied, or transferred.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all supporting materials for an application are received by the appropriate deadline.

Acceptance and Candidacy for Advanced Degrees

Applicants for the master's degree may be admitted to graduate studies or accepted to candidacy for the degree concurrent with admission. Acceptance to candidacy for the master's degree is granted only to those students who have met fully all undergraduate course prerequisites required for the graduate degree program and all departmental requirements for candidacy (e.g. course work, examinations, professional certification where applicable). The approval of the department and the Dean is required for concurrent admission and acceptance to candidacy.

Candidacy for the doctoral degree requires a full year of graduate study in residence at The University of Vermont. In addition, most programs require satisfactory completion of a qualifying examination. A doctoral student is accepted to candidacy upon the approval of the student's Studies Committee, the department or departments concerned, and the Dean of the Graduate College.

Applications for Non-Degree Students

Persons who have completed a baccalaureate degree and wish to take courses that do not carry graduate credit or wish to take courses for credit but do not seek a degree, do not need to make formal application to the Graduate College, but may take graduate level courses through Continuing Education. For more information, contact Continuing Education, 322 South Prospect Street, Burlington, VT 05405, (802)656-2085, 1-800-639-3210 or e-mail:

Note: Nondegree students are limited to a maximum of six course credit hours per semester unless additional enrollment is approved by the Dean of the Graduate College. A nondegree student who has accumulated nine credit hours of graduate course work at the University must seek approval from the Dean of the Graduate College for further enrollment.