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Conversion of Thesis Credit Policy

A graduate student enrolled in a master's degree program with thesis or project, who has enrolled for and performed thesis or project research but subsequently decides to pursue a non-thesis option in the same department or program, may request conversion of thesis or project research credit to independent study credit. Conversion will be permitted under the following conditions:

  1. The independent study must be:
    If the faculty member who supervised the research is unable to oversee the independent study, the Department Chairperson/Graduate Program Coordinator will do so.
  2. Except for writing/reporting and evaluation, the work for the independent study must have been accomplished during the period of enrollment for research, i.e. it cannot be a new project.
  3. The conversion must occur within four years of enrollment for research.
  4. The number of credits eligible for conversion will be determined by the faculty member who supervised the research and the Department Chairperson/Graduate Program Coordinator, however, conversion is limited to a maximum of three credit hours.
  5. A written request for conversion, signed by the student, faculty advisor and Department Chairperson/Graduate Program Coordinator, must be submitted to the Graduate College for approval and processing.