University of Vermont

  • Brendan Hare

    Department of Psychology

  • Ashley Brien

    Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • Joseph "Rocky" Fry

    Department of Physical Therapy

  • Melissa Woolpert

    Food Systems Program

  • Geoffrey Battista

    Department of Community Development and Applied Economics & Transportation Research Center

  • Danra Kazenski

    Department of Psychology

  • Daniel DePuccio

    Department of Chemistry

  • Braden Rosenberg

    Department of Geology

  • Andrew Regan

    Department of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Serge Wiltshire

    Food Systems Program

  • Timothy Pede

    Rubenstein School & Transportation Research Center

Graduate College

The Graduate College

The Graduate College at the University of Vermont was formally established in 1952, though the first graduate degree had been awarded in 1807. Today, UVM offers over 50 academic programs leading to a master's degree and over 20 programs leading to the doctorate. All graduate degrees are awarded by the Graduate College with the exception of the M.D. degree, which is awarded by the College of Medicine.

The Graduate College includes programs and degrees in the natural, physical and biological sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, and professional training. One of the notable features of a UVM graduate education is that many of our programs are interdisciplinary, cutting across several departments and areas of study. These interdisciplinary programs capitalize on the exceptional strengths of UVM faculty, especially in the biological and biomedical sciences as well as in environmental and ecological programs.

Graduate College Newsletter

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The Graduate College offers over 70 academic programs leading to a graduate degree. Students apply for admission to UVM through the Graduate College, and once accepted, work with advisors in their chosen fields/programs. Currently, there are about 1500 graduate students enrolled in UVM, with about 500 of these enrolled in doctoral programs across the University.

Programs at UVM

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