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Green Mountain Battalion Army ROTC is the flagship ROTC program in Vermont, having been established in 1916, we have a long tradition of developing leaders of high distinction and character.

If you are interested in Army ROTC, the first two years of the program are obligation-free – just sign up for MIL-G101, 102, 201, or 202 the same way you would any other class. In addition to the weekly MS (Military Science) class, we have PT (physical training) three mornings a week, a Thursday afternoon lab, where cadets learn tactics, land navigation (map and compass skills), first aid, and other Army Skills.

Army ROTC is a great place to make friends, some of whom will be friends for life, and our program has cadets with a wide range of majors who are willing to help other cadets with their school work – a huge plus if you're having trouble in certain classes.

Our program here is split with scholarship cadets and national guard/reserve cadets. We have a couple of scholarship options, starting with full tuition and fees, plus a $1200 book stipend, going all the way to a complete "full-ride" — full tuition and fees, book stipend, and housing. Both options also include a tax-free, $300 monthly stipend (which increases each year. So by your fourth year you bring in a tax-free $500/month) for “expenses”. On the Guard/Reserve side, you would enlist in the National Guard or Army Reserve as an SMP (Simultaneous Membership Program) cadet, go to basic training and AIT (boot camp and specialty training). Then, after signing a contract with ROTC, you would drill with your unit as a cadet, earning E-5 pay ($260/month) for a weekend drill, and also receive the Montgomery GI Bill, which is $317/month, and the GI Bill Kicker, which is $350/month. In addition to drill pay, GI Bill and Kicker, you would be eligible for FTA (Federal Tuition Assistance), which covers up to $4500/year, AND the ROTC monthly stipend mentioned above. If you are a Vermont resident, you would also be eligible for the National Guard's State Tuition Assistance which, in Vermont, is 100% paid tuition and fees, so all the other monies you would be getting from the Guard could go straight to your pocket for expenses or just plain old spending money.

Upon graduation, you will be guaranteed a job as an Army Officer in either the Active or Reserve (NG or AR) component for three to six years after college. If you stay in long enough to become a Captain (O-3), you will have an excellent selling point for your resume if you want a management or CEO position, because of the management and leadership experience you will have gained through your time in the Army.

Green Mountain Battalion Army ROTC Offers:

  • A way to get much more out of your college experience
  • A way to try Army ROTC without any military obligations for the first 2 years
  • A way to improve your skills and better yourself for as little as only 6 hours of your time per week
  • A way to fund your education through scholarships
  • A way to serve in the US Army Reserve or National Guard, while going to college and at the same time you participate in ROTC (no deployment while in school)
  • A means to gain the competitive edge over your peers when it comes time to compete for top jobs in the corporate world or pursue advanced education at TIER I graduate schools.

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