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Army ROTC Nursing Program

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What career offers tuition for 2-4 years of college? Puts you in charge of employees ranging from 18 to 45 years old right after graduation? Guarantees you a fulltime nursing job with full benefits and 30 days paid vacation immediately upon graduation? ARMY NURSING ROTC.The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a very exciting and challenging program that trains college students to become Army officers. ROTC provides college nursing students with practical, hands-on leadership experience while paying for college. The Army ROTC course also develops management, communication, and decision-making skills. Students will participate in confidence-building activities such as rappelling and obstacle courses that are physically and mentally challenging.

Numerous opportunities will present themselves while enrolled in ROTC at IU. In the summer between your junior and senior year, you will attend a paid, 32 day Leadership Developement Assessment Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis, Washington. After graduating LDAC, you will have the opportunity to attend a voluntary Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP). For 3-4 weeks you will gain experience and training at one of over 20 different Army hospitals in the US, Germany, Korea, or Hawaii. NSTP offers a paid, hands-on experience, under direct supervision of a preceptor in areas such as medication administration, emergency procedures, and intravenous (IV) therapy.

After four years of education, training and enhancing these skills, you will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. You will attend the Officer Basic Course (OBC) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas where you will study basic Army knowledge and the role of nurses in the Army health care system. After graduating OBC, you will have the opportunity to be stationed at over 25 hospitals in the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Germany or Korea. Your commitment back to the Army for receiving a scholarship will be to serve in the Army Nurse Corps for a period of typically four years.

While serving as a nurse in the Army, you may expand your expertise by attending specialty courses such as critical care, obstetrical and gynecological, preoperative, Psychiatric/mental health, emergency, community health, anesthetist, practitioner, and administration.

You can make the Army a career, or you can fulfill your time commitment and pursue the numerous civilian opportunities available to an experienced veteran nurse. Army Officers are in great demand in the civilian world due to their experience, values, and effective leadership and management training received.

Army ROTC nursing is a challenging and very exciting program to be involved with. It offers great incentives such as paying for 2-4 years of college. Where else can you get your education paid for and travel around the United States, or overseas while earning a paycheck?

UVM ROTC offers 2-3-4 year scholarships paying up to 100% tuition and once contracted with ROTC, a tax-free monthly stipend ($450 as a Junior and $500 as a senior) and $1200/yr for books. The four year scholarship applicants apply while still in high school. If you already attend college, you may apply for a two or three year scholarship through our office on campus (Located in Suite 150 of the Smith Research Center at 10th & the Bypass).

Full Scholarship + Room and Board


As an Officer in the Army Nurse Corps, you will lead a nursing team in caring for Soldiers and their families. You will be responsible for and address all aspects of patient care, including initiating and coordinating multidisciplinary care. As a Nurse Corps Officer you will practice in a network that believes in a holistic nursing philosophy. You'll identify and organize resources for patients and their families to help with inpatient, outpatient and home care. Because you're also a professional in the Army, you'll be able to understand the special concerns and needs of Soldiers, allowing you to better serve them. As an Army Nurse Corps Officer, you can specialize beyond Medical- Surgical nursing in one of the following areas: Critical Care, Operating Room, OB/GYN, Psychiatric/Mental Health, Army Public Health or Emergency Room. There are also opportunities to attend graduate school and become an Advanced Practice Nurse such as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist , Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to name a few.

Paid Summer Internship


The NSTP is a paid three-to-four week clinical elective for Army ROTC nurse cadets. Attendance is voluntary. Our affiliated nursing school awards academic credit for this program. This elective is conducted at Army hospitals in the United States, Germany, and Korea. You get paid while attending NSTP during the same summer as Advanced Camp, which is usually between the Junior and Senior year of college. During the NSTP clinical elective, you will receive "hands on" experience under the direct supervision of an Army Nurse Corps officer who works with you one-on-one. Regular coaching sessions enhances your progress, while also providing feedback about your performance. While you follow the same duty schedule as your sponsor, you could receive training in such areas as patient assessment, planning of patient care, nutrition maintenance and feeding techniques, range of motion and mobility, medication administration, emergency procedures, intravenous (IV) therapy, and other special procedures and techniques.

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