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Cadet Kaelyn Burbey Receives Top ROTC Award Read about Cadet Burbey's presitigious award

University of Vermont Army ROTC

Kiana Whitney

UVM Junior Mathematics major, 4-Year National scholarship recipient, Captain of the Ranger Challenge Team, Club Volleyball player.

Kyle Walsh

UVM Senior, Business major, Computer Science minor, Varsity Lacrosse walk-on, Special Olympics Volunteer.

Kyle Elliott

UVM Senior, Civil Engineering major, Environmental Engineering Technology minor, ROTC Battalion Commander, 3-year scholarship recipient, VT Army National Guard, team captain of the back-to-back hockey intramural B league champions.

Meet the Fall 2017 Cadet Chain of Command!

  • Caitlin Hester, BC
  • Nathan Lumsden, XO
  • Christian Surprise, CSM
  • Kyle Muhr, OpCSM
  • Grace Harrison, S1
  • Stephanie Fox, AS1
  • Jonathan Tetreault, S2
  • Mitchell Crispens, AS2
  • Michael Hall, S3
  • Ronan Sefton, FAO
  • Cody Dolloff, AS3
  • Alex Heeschen, FAO
  • Joseph Rodgers, S4
  • Stephen Bissainthe, AS4
  • Lance Jandreau, S5
  • Eric Mattia, S6
  • Kiana Whitney, CO
  • Samantha Cunningham-Darrah, PL
  • William Hopkins, PL
  • Liam Brown, PL

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