University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Global and Regional Studies Program

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Russian and East European Studies: 30 Credits

  1. Two courses from ANTH 151; HST 114, HST 137, HST 138; EC 011 or EC 012; POLS 172; WLIT 118;
  2. Two courses at the 100-level or above in Russian;
  3. Six additional courses with Russian & East European content chosen with advisor's approval.

To major in Russian/East European Studies, beginning language students should enroll in Russian 001 in their first semester and continue courses in the language every semester thereafter. Incoming students with a previous knowledge of the language should consult a Russian instructor for placement at the appropriate level of language study.


The program also offers an interdisciplinary Individual Design Major in Russian/East European Studies and Business. The program of study must be planned with a member of the Russian/East European Studies faculty.

  1. Required courses (thirty-five credits): Two courses in Russian at the intermediate level; four courses in Economics including EC 011 or EC 012; one Russian/East European Area Studies course other than those in Economics; two courses in Business Administration; two approved electives at the 100-level or above.

General Requirements

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