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Global and Regional Studies Program

Russian and East European Studies

Michele Commercio, Program Director
Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science

94 University Place, Old Mill 520
Burlington, VT 05405

In 2014, Russia redrew the map of Europe; in 2016, Russia became the first country to operate militarily on Iranian soil since World War II. Russia is a country we need to understand. Given Russia’s increasingly vocal and visible presence in international affairs, there is a growing need for professionals who speak Russian and understand the politics, economics, and social dynamics of Russia. This is the time to major or minor in Russian and East European Studies (REES) at UVM, which boasts a comprehensive academic program as well as numerous opportunities for students to study abroad in Russian-speaking countries or countries with sizable Russian-speaking populations including Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungry, Poland, and Slovakia. There are funding opportunities for students wishing to spend a semester abroad, which you can learn about by going to the links listed in the Related Links menu to the right.

The UVM REES Program, one of nine areas of study within the Global and Regional Studies Program, is provides students with a broad-based, interdisciplinary major or minor that prepares them for a number of career opportunities in business, government, journalism, education, international development, and non-profit organizations. The major and minor also prepare students for the Peace Corps and graduate programs in international relations, human rights, and law. UVM REES graduates have pursued MA degrees in business, Slavic languages and literature, Russian Culture and Arts, and Russian/East European Studies; they have pursued successful careers with the Peace Corps, the Foreign Service, the Air Force, the Russia/America Foundation, RTV (Russian Television Network), law firms in Russia and the US, and they have become English teachers in the region.

The faculty consists of widely published scholars and award-winning teachers who have many years of field experience living, working, and travelling in post-Soviet states including Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, as well as certain Eastern European countries like Poland. Disciplines represented include Russian Language and Literature, Political Science, Anthropology, Business, Economics, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Sociology.

To major in REES, beginning language students should enroll in Russian 001 in their first semester and continue courses in the language every semester thereafter. Incoming students with a previous knowledge of the language should consult a Russian instructor for placement at the appropriate level of language study. The two-track major in Russian/East European Studies or Russian/East European Economics/Business provides a firm foundation in language, literature (in translation or in the original), as well as regional/area information in economics, political science, sociology, and history for both Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet region.

souvenirs brought back from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia by recent graduate Sammie Ibrahim Souvenirs brought back from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia by recent graduate Sammie Ibrahim

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