UVM Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program Updates - 2011/2012
from Prof. Alexander Stewart, Director

Pasatono Orquesta The faculty and students affiliated with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program supported and participated in several exciting events this past semester. The LACS, in collaboration with the UVM Lane Series, the Music Department, and student programs, brought the nine-piece group Pasatono Orquesta directly from Oaxaca, Mexico. Presenting a mixture of traditional and newly composed works, Pasatono participated in several workshops, lecture/demonstrations, and performances during Latina/o Cultural Heritage Month in September.

Thanks to the efforts of Catherine Connor and her colleagues in Romance Languages, a production of Havana Delirium by the Cuban troupe Teatro de la Luna appeared in the Davis Center on October 18.  Set in mid-1990s Cuba, the cast’s three characters believe themselves to be the reincarnations of 1940s and 50s musical and cultural icons Celia Cruz, Beny Moré, and Varilla.

A highpoint of the semester was the Day of the Dead celebration on November 1 & 2. Guest speaker Macrina Cárdenas Alarcón delivered a lecture titled “On theDay of the Dead Altar Edge of Reason: Border Dynamics and the Spread of Violence.” She discussed the current narco-violence in Mexico in the context of the complex and changing impact of economic policies from the Bracero program to NAFTA. A pot-luck dinner was held in front of the lovely altar in honor of the victims of narco-violence that was constructed on the fourth floor of Waterman.

Many thanks to Catherine Connor, Tina Escaja, Kit Anderson, Sarah Lundy, Irma Valeriano (in abstentia), and to all who contributed to these events.


Day of the Dead altar and Pot Luck