Dr. WangA Profile of our 2011 Robert V. Daniels Award Winner, Dr. Jufei Wang
by Professor John Yin, Asian Languages and Literatures

Dr. Juefei Wang is Professor Emeritus of the University of Vermont and Program Director of the Freeman Foundation.  He received his M.Ed. in Comparative Education at Beijing Normal University, and M. Ed. in Foundational Studies of Education and Ed. D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Vermont.

Prof. Wang founded the University of Vermont Asian Studies Outreach Program in 1994 and served as its director for until 2008.  In that role he created the Statewide Program for Asian Studies in schools in Vermont, the only one of its kind in the United States.  He initiated the Institute on Asian Studies across Vermont for Vermont educators to study Asian in the state, and speared in organizing and managing the Institutes on China, Japan, and Thailand for Vermont teachers to learn about cultures of those countries on site.  He created the Sino-American Seminar on Educational Leadership for Vermont school administrators to exchange ideas on education with their counterparts in China and support Asian studies in their schools at home.  He designed the English Camp program for UVM undergraduate students to teach English in a remote province in China and learn about local Muslim and Chinese cultures.  He started the Governor’s Institute on Asian Cultures for Vermont high school students to study Asian cultures on the UVM campus and visit China on an annual basis.  Through those programs, more than 1,000 teachers, school administrators, and high school and UVM students to visit China, Japan, and Thailand.  He played leadership roles in curriculum design and instruction to include the content of Asia.  By 2008, 50% of Vermont schools offered coursed on Asia regularly.  In 2003, the Asian Studies Outreach Program received the inaugural Prize for Excellence in International Education from Goldman Sachs Foundation and the Asia Society. 

Prof. Wang has played leadership roles in international education.  In 2001, he was appointed to be the leader of the Vermont team for the States Institute for International Education in Schools by Governor Dean, and that appointment was re-confirmed by Governor Douglas.  In 2004, he was appointed by Governor Douglas to be the Executive Director of the Governor’s Council on International Education.  In 2006, he was invited to be a member of the State Board of Education Sub-Committee for the World Language and International Education by the State Board.  With those roles he organized five state-wide conferences on international education.  He has heavily involved in advocating policies for international education at the national level. Prof. Wang has taught numerous graduate level courses, including Comparative Education and the teacher institutes mentioned above.  His publications are mainly on international education and comparative education.  In addition, he has made presentations on American and Chinese education and cultures nationally and internationally.

Prof. Wang actively pursued external funding to support Asian studies and International education in Vermont schools.  He served as single author or co-author of grant proposals and assisted Vermont schools in fund raising to promote the study of Asian cultures.  The total amount raised was $14.3 million as of 2008.