University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Global and Regional Studies Program

Requirements for Minoring in Middle East Studies

Eighteen credits (six courses) related to the Middle East. All students pursuing the minor must take HIST 045 or HIST 046. The remaining five courses can be chosen from the list of Middle East Studies courses offered each semester. At least three of these five courses should be 100-level (“intermediate”) or higher. Students may consult with the Middle East Studies director and propose other courses with sufficient Middle East content to fulfill the requirements. The director of the program must approve any course not listed before it can be considered to fulfill the requirements for the minor.

There is no language requirement for the minor. Students are strongly encouraged to take one year of a Middle Eastern Language (such as Arabic or Hebrew), however those will not count towards the minor.

Intro and intermediate level courses for varying subject areas to get to the appropriate level of 100 or 200.

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