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Benedict Prize for Top Student Essay in International Affairs

Benedict Price Winners Scott Pavek and Sammie Ibrahim
Benedict Award 2016 Co-Winners Scott Pavek and Sammie Ibrahim with GRS Director Pablo Bose

An award founded in 1906 by Robert D. Benedict who graduated in 1848 and went on to become on of the most famous admiralty lawyers and judges of the 19th century and delivered UVM’s commencement address in 1904 (which incidentally was all about the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 and how he was kind of pulling for the Japanese). The prize was originally to be on the topic of International Arbitration, but in accordance with his directions was amended in 1967 to focus on the topic of best essay on international affairs. The two papers we have selected as co-recipients of this honor were very well suited for this award:

· Scott Pavek (Political Science) for his paper titled “The Causes of Foreign Military Intervention: Cold War Cases”. Reviewers noted the impressive nature of his nuanced and sophisticated discussion of the 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia as well as the American invasion in 1983 of Granada.

· Sammie Ibrahim (Global Studies) for her paper titled “Globalization and Transnational Political Mobilization: A Comparison of Diaspora Politics amongst Sikhs and Hindus”. Reviewers were particularly impressed by her focus on the historical emergence and resonance for Khalistan and Hindutva in far distant communities in North America and Western Europe in particular.