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Jonah Steinberg
Director of Global Studies
Professor of Anthropology
Williams Hall, Room 510
Tel: 656-2988

Global Studies

The UVM Global Studies Program, one of eight areas of study within the Global and Regional Studies Program, is an interdisciplinary field whose primary focus is globalization, which are the social, political, economic, natural, and cultural relationships that extend beyond the boundaries of nation-states. Global Studies explores issues that increasingly affect all societies, such as:

  • rapid and far-reaching environmental and technological changes, such as those related to global warming;
  • the proliferation and impacts of communications media and other technologies;
  • transnational economic interactions, including trade, capital, and labor flows;
  • the quest for world order, law, and human rights through global political institutions and processes;
  • the circulation of principles like universal human rights, democracy, gender equality, and racial/ethnic equality;
  • processes of cultural, social, economic, religious, and linguistic homogenization and differentiation;
  • diasporas and transnational migratory movements and processes;
  • the health and environmental consequences of transnational political, economic, and social processes;
  • bioregional approaches to environmental management such as transfrontier conservation areas.

A central goal of the Global Studies Program is to help students develop cross-border and holistic perspectives on global interconnections and interdependencies. At the same time, they also develop an appreciation of how globalization processes affect and express themselves in particular regions and localities, primarily through case studies, advanced language and literature study, and optional, but highly recommended, study abroad.

What fields can I go into with a Global Studies major?

Students who major in Global Studies learn to see complex connections through systemic and holistic thinking. They also master interdisicplinary research skills and a foreign language.

All of these skills are useful in these careers:

  • Foreign Service/State Department;
  • International business, including working for a domestic American corporation in their international operations, or working for a corporation abroad;
  • Entrepreneurialism;
  • International law;
  • International development and sustainable development;
  • International non-profit work or activism on environment, human rights, social justice, etc.;
  • Journalism and other communications media;
  • Education, especially teaching and administration at the high school level and above.

2015 College of Arts and Sciences Awards Ceremony

Sarah Shaw and Elizabeth Amler with Prof John Waldron at 2015 CAS Awards

Sarah Shaw, '15, recipient of the Global Studies Scholar Award and
Elizabeth Amler,'15, recipient of the Global Studies Community Activism & Engagement Award
stand with Prof. John Waldron and Andria Cubero at the 2015 CAS Awards Ceremony

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