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Additional Resources: Careers, Research, Graduate School, etc.

Students in Canadian Studies have the benefit of accessing programs and events connected to the Global and Regional Studies (GRS) program. GRS is committed to helping students learn more about their chosen field of study and the opportunities associated with it. As nationally and internationally-known scholars with successful careers, our faculty members have a wealth of expertise to share about the nature of academic work in GRS, graduate programs in related disciplines, and more. In addition to consulting individual faculty members about these issues, we strongly encourage you to attend regular events devoted to the following topics:

  • Study Abroad: offers an overview of various study abroad opportunities through UVM and elsewhere, how to navigate applications for programs, and how to integrate study abroad into the major. Usually offered in September.
  • Applying to graduate school: explores when and if to apply, what materials you need to prepare, how to choose a program, and what job prospects are like in various field. Usually offered in late September.
  • Internships: explains how and why to pursue an internship, discussing timelines, placement options, scholarship opportunities for summer, credit options, and more. Usually offered in October.
  • Career ideas: brings together UVM alums to talk about how their global studies degree helped prepare them for jobs in government, development, business, non-profits, and more. Usually offered in March.

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