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Advising in Canadian Studies

The fundamental purpose of academic advising in the Canadian Studies Program is to assist students in clarifying and meeting their educational and career goals. Academic advising requires that both the student and faculty member work together as a team.

Advising for those minoring in Canadian Studies is undertaken by the Director of the program.
Anyone who declares the minor will automatically have the Director assigned to them as advisor.  The Director holds regular office hours; please check the online list to see when your advisor is available and to find contact information to arrange an appointment.  It is especially important for minors to be in communication with the Director because specific courses used to fulfill minor requirements are not standardized and must be approved.  This is especially critical when it comes to courses taken while studying abroad.  As you proceed through your course of study, and especially before you communicate with the Director, it is important to consult the specific requirements for completing the Canadian Studies minor

In addition to advising with respect to courses, the Director of the program can also be consulted about internships, study abroad opportunities, and post-graduation plans. 

Seeking Other Kinds of Advising?
Your academic advisor has expertise in scholarly issues, especially pertaining to Canadian Studies.  There are many other issues about which you may seek advice and support such as student health, legal matters, writing and learning skills, general career planning, lifestyle/residential issues, academic accommodations and more. UVM offers a variety of free professional advising regarding these and other issues. The College of Arts & Sciences Student Services can help you to identify the resources most likely to meet your needs.

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