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Canadian Studies

David Massell,Director
Professor, Department of History

Wheeler House, Rm. 309

Canadian Flag In 1964 the College of Arts & Sciences of the University of Vermont established the first comprehensive Canadian Studies Program in the United States. Today, 15 faculty associates and staff members are active in teaching, research and outreach. One of eight areas of study within The Global and Regional Studies Program, the Canadian Studies Program offers an undergraduate minor designed to give students a multidisciplinary perspective of Canada.

Although Canada and the United States share a great deal of history, the world’s longest undefended border, and the world’s largest bilateral trading relationship, the full significance of this relationship is not widely recognized in the United States. By learning more about the similarities and differences between Canada and the United States, students not only come to a much greater understanding of their northern neighbor, but they also learn a lot about their own country and how it is perceived by one of its key allies.

Faculty from throughout the College of Arts & Sciences offer Canadian Studies courses covering a wide range of disciplines: anthropology, economics, geography, geology, history, literature, and political science. The Canadian Studies Program is very active on and off campus. Each year the Program sponsors a series of special events to broaden our understanding of Canada, not only for UVM students but for the general community as well. Student activities include visiting lecturers and field trips to Canada. The Program also sponsors cultural events, public lectures and forums on current events, and conferences for the academic and business communities.

The Canadian Studies Program has been funded, in part, by the Governments of the United States, Canada, and Quebec to facilitate special activities and development, promote new courses, augment library collections, and assist faculty research projects.

Howard Center Curling Challenge, 2015
Robin Hopps and Char Mehrtens (Geology), Kieran O'Keefe (History Grad Student), and Dave Massell (Canadian Studies Director), showing the flag

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