University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Global and Regional Studies Program

Requirements for Minoring in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies minor consists of at least 18 credit hours in courses from the Asian Studies listing (see Registrar’s website for current Asian Studies courses) to include:

Completion of at least two Asian language courses and at least one course in each of two other academic disciplines. Students who demonstrate fluency in an Asian language relevant to their minor concentration (e.g., native speakers), or focus on a region whose dominant language is not offered at UVM, may substitute Asia-related courses from a third academic discipline for the language requirement. Students may also transfer appropriate foreign language courses from study abroad or other programs.

The remaining credit hours must include at least nine hours at or above the 100-level. Students must consult with an appropriate Asian Studies advisor and demonstrate thematic and/or geographic coherence in their selection of courses.

Note: Courses significantly but not entirely on Asia may be counted toward a student's major or minor; papers or projects concerning Asia are required (See course listings on Asian Studies website). In exceptional cases, the 200-level requirement may also be satisfied through advanced independent study and/or a research or teaching assistant practicum under the guidance of an Asian Studies faculty member. In either case, the Dean’s Office must receive written approval from the Asian Studies advisor. Students in both Asian Studies and Asian Languages wishing to major in one and minor in the other, or double major in both, may overlap only one course. Check course listings carefully for feasibility.

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