University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Global and Regional Studies Program

Requirements for the African Studies Minor

A total of 18 credit hours (six courses) must be completed.  These must include the following:

A.  At least three core courses from the following list:

  • ANTH 162 - Cultures of Africa (presumes completion of prerequisite)
  • ARBC 002 - Elementary Arabic (presumes completion of prerequisite)
  • ENG 061 - Intro to African Literature
  • GEOG 150 – Africa (presumes completion of prerequisite)
  • HST 040 - African History to C-1870 or
  • HST 041 - Africa From C-1870 to Present
  • POLS 177 - Pol Systems of Tropical Africa (presumes completion of prerequisite)
  • REL 026 – Intro Religions: African Religions 
  • Other Africa-focused survey courses approved by the director of the African Studies Program, including equivalencies obtained while studying abroad.

B. Three additional courses from the list of courses appearing under African Studies for the current semester, or related courses approved by the director.   The latter include courses taken while studying abroad and other courses deemed by the director to have at least 35 percent Africa-related content.

Additional rules:

  1. At least nine credit hours must be completed from courses at or above the 100-level.
  2. No more than six credit hours used toward the minor may be taken from any one discipline.


Questions? Please call Prof. Peter VonDoepp, Director of African Studies, at 802-656-4451 or email

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