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And Exchange Program – 2011-2014

Funded by the Program for North American Mobility in Higher Education (FIPSE)
Administered by the UVM Global and Regional Studies Program


* Study abroad for a semester in Mexico or Canada, with a $5,000 stipend to cover some of your travel and in-country expenses!

* Use your financial aid to pay UVM exchange tuition while abroad!

Thanks to federal Department of Education (FIPSE) funding, a unique opportunity exists for UVM students interested in studying abroad for a semester in Mexico or Canada. Several other universities have joined with UVM to create a North American Studies Consortium to encourage students from the three North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) countries to study for a semester in each others’ countries. UVM students selected to participate in this program will receive a $5,000 stipend to cover personal expenses at one of these member institutions:

* Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario (CANADA). Administed by the North American Studies Program. Considered one of the highest quality universities in Canada, Wilfrid Laurier has 15,000 students on two campuses. The host campus in Waterloo offers one of the only North American Studies programs in North America. For more information visit the university’s website:

* University of New Brunswick, St. Johns, New Brunswick (CANADA). Administered by the Faculty of Arts. UNB is one of the oldest universities in North America, with 11,400 students in campuses in Fredericton and St. Johns. St. Johns campus, which hosts the exchange, is in New Brunswick’s largest city, and has particular strengths in social sciences. For more information visit the university’s website:

* Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa, Veracruz (MEXICO) Administered by the Escuela para Estudiantes Extranjeros. The UV is one of Mexico’s largest and highest quality public universities. UV is especially known for its anthropological museum, and artistic groups in theater, dance, singing, and music. Students pursuing an exchange at UV should have strong Spanish language skills. For more information visit the university’s website:

* Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City campus (MEXICO). Administered by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Tec de Monterrey is Mexico’s largest and most prestigious private university. The Mexcio City host campus is especially renowned for international affairs, law, and political science. Students can take courses in English or Spanish. For more information visit the university’s website:


As part of a normal course load, all exchange students will participate in a shared 3-credit curriculum focused on the consortium’s theme, which is how cultural perceptions shape public policy in the NAFTA countries. Exchange students will have an opportunity to participate in internships as well.


  • Students must have completed at least one year of full-time study in a UVM degree program and must remain registered in that degree program during the period of study in Canada or Mexico.
  • Students must be in good social academic standing at UVM and have a minimum GPA of 2.5.


  • Students can study for an academic year or semester. 
  • Students must first complete a UVM Exchange Application at least one semester before they would like to participate in this exchange.  Two letters of recommendation are required.
  • UVM Exchange Applications, including Academic Reference Forms, may be downloaded at:
  • Complete applications must be submitted to the Office of International Education (OIE) by August 10th for spring/summer semester priority placement, or by January 10th for fall or full year priority placements. 
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Global and Regional Studied North American Studies Consortium Committee and the UVM Exchange Program Coordinator.
  • Upon acceptance, students will complete a Study Abroad Approval Form (SAAF) with the Office of International Education (OIE).
  • Students are responsible for obtaining a visa and any other necessary documents.  Due to lengthy processing times, students should apply for a passport and/of visa immediately after acceptance into the program.


  • All participants are required to pay a UVM study abroad fee of $500 for a semester or year.
  • Costs per semester: Students pay UVM’s exchange tuition rate: in-state students pay in-state tuition; out-of-state students pay a 40% reduction of their out-of-state tuition, and student fees.
  • Students are responsible for room and board, travel, passport application/renewal fees, student visa fees, and personal expenses.  
  • Students may need to obtain a student visa and additional health insurance.
  • This exchange program qualifies for the transfer of State, Federal and UVM financial aid when applicable.  Tuition remission benefits apply.  Aid packages will be recalculated according to the program costs.  Consult a Student Financial Services advisor for the full details of your aid package.

Each UVM student that participates on this exchange program opens a spot for an international student to study at UVM! Go abroad and help bring the world to UVM!


Professor Luis Vivanco, Director, Global and Regional Studies Program, 512 Williams Hall, 656-1184,


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