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UVM Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program Updates - 2012/2013

from John Waldron, Associate Professor of Spanish, Interim Director of LACS


In Fall of 2013 Latin American and Caribbean Studies was happy to support several events that enriched our campus offerings. First among them is the annual Foro Hispano with the theme this year of “The Green and The Greenest: The World’s Strongest Sustainable Emerging Market in the Greenest Academic Campus.” We also were happy to have with us several artists. One was the installation, “Latitude/Longitued: Weaving Themes. Assembling Stories” by Spanish artists Bren Alvarez and Merche Bautista along with our own Tina Escaja. In addition to this, we sponsored the visit to campus by Cuban filmmaker, Karel Ducasse who also participated in the Burlington Film Festival. On the 26th of February we will have a presentation by a Mexican political activist, Claudia Torres, called, “Clearing the Path: Resisting Repression and Building Solidarity in Mexico.”

Prof. John Waldron and two colleagues, Professors Caroline Beer and Alex Stewart, were awarded the IEEE Grant to teach a course on Protest Music and Latin American Studies. Though still in the planning stages, the course will be offered for the first time in fall 2013.

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