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Will Liew returns to Japan for the time of his life...

Will Liew reunites with host family


I studied abroad in Japan during the 2010-2011 academic year at two Japanese universities, Kansai Gaidai, and Aoyama Gakuin.  As soon as I came back to UVM, I started planning for a return trip.  After a year and a half of saving up funds, I finally made a trip back to Japan during the 2012 Winter Break and I had the time of my life!  The trip lasted only 2 weeks, but it felt longer … in a good way.  I returned to see my former host family, and the family of my best friend - where I was greeted with a cheerful "okaeri uiru!" (Welcome Back Will!)  I felt so happyWill Liew and friend to see them again.   While in Japan, I also took the opportunity to meet with current Japanese UVM students and even with the students that studied abroad in UVM from Aoyama from last year!   In meeting all of my friends, I traveled to six different Japanese prefectures, some that I was familiar with from my time abroad and some that were new!   I was so happy that my friends, even with packed schedules, made the time to meet up with me and spend some time together. I could not help but think that the connections I have made in Japan will truly last forever!



Will Liew at a sushi dinner




A true sushi dinner...

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