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The fundamental purpose of academic advising is to provide guidance as you make decisions from the most general—such as identifying and refining your intellectual and personal goals at UVM, viewing your curriculum as a whole—to the most specific, like which courses you’ll take to fulfill your requirements for graduation. Also, if you get yourself in academic trouble your advisor will be among the first to know about it. In such circumstances, the advisor’s job is to advise you through your difficulties and help you get back on track. However, none of this will happen unless you seek out advising and take maximum advantage of its potential to enhance your UVM experience. It has been said that the relationship between an advisor and student is like a blind date: given differences of character, temperament and values, it does not always blossom into affection. You can only know this, though, once you have taken the initiative to meet with your advisor

How does advising “work” in the GRS programs?
Because our programs vary in terms of content and requirements, each program tailors its advising approach to its own particular needs. For information about advising in each of our particular programs, please click on one of the links below, which will direct you to the advising page for the programs.

African Studies Asian Studies Canadian Studies
European Studies Global Studies Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Middle East Studies Russian And East European Studies Vermont Studies

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