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The Robert V. Daniels Award
for Outstanding Contributions to International Education

Dr. Juefei Wang, Recipient of the 2011 Robert V. Daniels Award

Juefei Wang Acceptance Speech


On May 5, 2011, Dr. Juefei Wang was awarded the 2011 Robert V. Daniels Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of International Studies.

Dr. Wang is Professor Emeritus of the University of Vermont and currently serves as Program Director of the Freeman Foundation. He received his M.Ed. in Comparative Education at Beijing Normal University, and M. Ed. in Foundational Studies of Education and Ed. D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Vermont.

During the past two decades, Dr. Wang has been a leader in international education at UVM and in the state of Vermont, promoting Asian Studies curriculum development and educational exchanges between Vermont students, teachers, and administrators with counterparts in China, Japan, and Thailand. He founded the University of Vermont Asian Studies Outreach Program in 1994 and served as its director until 2008, which under his leadership received the inaugural Prize for Excellence in International Education from Goldman Sachs Foundation and the Asia Society. The Asian Studies Outreach Program model developed by Dr. Wang has become a model for building the Asian Studies curriculum and educational exchange programs in schools across the nation.

Dr. Juefei Wang - Profile

Dr. Wang with Dr. Fayneese Miller Dr. Wang and John Yin Dr. Wang and Kunie & Steve Renaud

Dr. Wang receives congratulations from Dean Fayneese Miller, Dean of the College of Education and Social Services, Prof. John Yin, Chair of the Asian Languages and Literatures Department, and from Kunie Renaud, Office Manager of the Asian Outreach Program until 2008, and her husband Steve.


The Robert V. Daniels Award:

Established in 2004 in honor of Professor Emeritus of History Robert V. "Bill" Daniels, the award celebrates the achievements of UVM's most distinguished scholars and teachers of international studies. Previous recipients include Professor Emeritus of History Robert V. Daniels (2004), Professor Emeritus of History William Metcalfe (2005), Professor Emeritus of Economics Abbas Alnasrawi (2006), Professor Emeritus of History Peter Seybolt (2007), Professor André Senécal (2008), Professor Kevin McKenna (2009), and Professor George Moyser (2010).


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