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Acquiring an ESRI Software License for Version 9.x

NOTE: These instructions pertain to ArcGIS version 9.x only and are not necessary for version 10.

Laptops or other computers that will not be connected to the UVM network can be set up with a dedicated license.  Faculty and staff can purchase a Sentinel (hardware) key online at ESRI Customer Service.  Alternatively, you can use the new keyless license, which does not require the purchase of a hardware key but is instead tied to the physical (MAC) address of the computer's network interface card.

Steps for installing a local license

  1. Acquire a hardware key OR find your physical (MAC) address
  2. Email us with your computer make and model and either your physical (MAC) address (if using the keyless license) or your hardware key number (an 8-digit number beginning with 371 stamped on the key and sometimes on the packaging).
    ESRI sentinel key
  3. Wait for a license file to be emailed to you and then save it onto your computer
  4. Plug the hardware key into your computer (if applicable)
  5. Install ArcGIS License Manager (instructions)
  6. During installation browse to your license file
  7. If you don't know your computer name, right-click "My Computer" to find it or use the ipconfig command
  8. Install ArcGIS Desktop (instructions) and specify your computer name as the license manager
  9. If ArcGIS is already installed then enter your computer name as the license server by going to All Programs -> ArcGIS -> Desktop Administrator, and clicking the License Manager item in the left panel

  10. Desktop Administrator GUI

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