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Acquiring an ESRI Software License

The University of Vermont has an ESRI Educational License that permits installation of ESRI products on UVM-owned hardware only (with the exception of qualifying students and faculty, who may install ESRI software on their own computers [subject to contract constraints]).  During the install process, a UVM-owned computer on the UVM network (including off-campus connections using the VPN client) may obtain a license from the network license server ( This license server also works for ArcGIS Pro (using "Concurrent Licensing" instead of the default "Named User" licensing), but functionality will be reduced due to lack of authentication to ArcGIS Online, which is required for publishing content or accessing many ArcGIS Online resources.

Note that ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap/ArcCatalog) installations on student-owned computers should be licensed via an authorization code and not the network license server (and can thereby run ArcGIS without connecting to the UVM network!). ArcGIS Pro does not use the authorization code method for licensing.

Use the contact form to request an authorization code for ArcGIS Desktop or an ArcGIS Online invitation for licensing ArcGIS Pro.

ArcGIS Pro does not require a connection to the UVM network. Laptops or other computers that will not be connected to the UVM network can still run ArcGIS Desktop without having an authorization code. New at version 10 is the ability to "borrow" a license (note that this is not necessary on student-owned computers that are already licensed via authorization codes, which do not require a connection to the UVM network). Borrowing a license is a relatively simple task performed by opening the ArcGIS programs group and running ArcGIS Administrator. Use the license borrow/return interface to check out a 30-day license that will work when the computer is disconnected from the network.

License borrow/return interface

(For anyone still using version 9.x or earlier on your Tandy 2000, please see these instructions for running ArcGIS when not connected to the UVM network [this was accomplished by installing license manager software and using a dedicated ESRI license file].)

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