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Installing ArcGIS Desktop

Using the appropriate instructions below, ArcGIS Desktop can be installed by acquiring media (DVD) or a downloadable installer from one of the following sources. Installers must remain on the UVM campus. UVM netID required for installer downloads.

  1. Media Services at Bailey-Howe Library
  2. Spatial Analysis Lab (RSENR)
  3. Download the installer and run it (please delete the executable file when done):
  4. Your geospatial technologies course instructor
  5. Lite touch network installer (faculty/staff only; version might not be the most recent)

Note regarding off campus use: Computers having little or no contact with the UVM network must either have a borrowed license or must be connected to the UVM network by running the VPN client unless the computer has a 1-year student license (via authorization code), which does not require a connection to the UVM network.

ArcGIS 10 Installation Instructions (DVD)

Installation steps using the executable installer (option 4 above) are nearly identical to these steps for using the DVD.

  1. Students installing ArcGIS on their own computers need to request an authorization code before using the software.
  2. If you are upgrading, first uninstall the older version of ArcGIS (you can do this from the splash screen after step 3)
  3. Insert the DVD; if nothing starts automatically, browse to the disc and run ESRI.exe
  4. Start the ArcGIS for Desktop installer (click "Setup" next to "ArcGIS Desktop")
  5. Click "Next" half a dozen times (accepting the license agreement and default settings)
  6. When the install is complete, the ArcGIS Administrator Wizard will display an authorization screen. Use one of the following 2 methods to authorize the software, depending on whether you are installing on UVM-owned hardware (1st option) or on a student-owned computer (2nd option):
    • Choose "Advanced (ArcInfo) Concurrent Use" and set the license manager to "". IMPORTANT: this step will fail if you are not connected to the UVM network (if installing off campus you must be connected via the VPN client in order to communicate with this license server).
      ArcGIS 10 authorize screen
    • Before continuing, undergraduate students should first request an authorization code. Once you have received a code, you must first activate the code at ... then open ArcGIS Administrator from the ArcGIS Programs group on the Start menu. Click on the Desktop folder and choose "Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use", then click "Authorize Now" ... "I have installed my software and need to authorize it" ... "Authorize with Esri now using the Internet" ... enter your personal information and then enter the 12-character authorization number (EVAxxxxxxxxx).
      ArcGIS 10 authorize screen (single)
  7. If the screen shown in the previous authorization step did not appear (or you need to set the license source at a later date) you can make these selections by running ArcGIS Administrator from the ArcGIS Programs Group.
  8. Install any Service Packs or Patches that may be applicable (read on....)

ArcGIS Patches and Service Packs

It is generally a good idea to install the latest service pack for your version of ArcGIS as well as any specific patches that might be relevant to your particular needs. As of December 2012, the latest service pace for version 10.1 is Service Pack 1.

Systems running older versions will likely be problematic, and you may be asked to upgrade if you need technical support.

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