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Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 8:02 PM
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Subject: Metadata in ArcGIS 10.x


Dear Esri software user,


Thank you for responding to our recent survey.  I’m sending this email to anyone who shared concerns about metadata support when they responded to our questions.  I want to personally apologize for the difficulties you’ve had working with metadata in ArcGIS 10.x.  I hope the information below will help you.



Jack Dangermond




What happened to FGDC metadata support in Version 10.0? It seems to be missing.

In 10.0, we added a new series of capabilities to strengthen our support for FGDC metadata. However, we did a very poor job in documenting and communicating what we did and how our U.S. and North American users can apply these new capabilities. We apologize and will strive to do better. The following questions provide an overview of our ongoing plans to improve our support as well as links to helpful documents and videos on how to implement FGDC metadata support.


What are the new procedures for editing metadata in ArcGIS version 10?

All the capabilities provided by ArcGIS 9.3.1 for managing metadata continue to be available in ArcGIS 10. However, as GIS has evolved, we needed to change how metadata is compiled and shared.  Many new metadata standards have been adopted and existing standards are changing over time. We’re also hearing from organizations in the Geospatial community that need to support multiple metadata standards.


ArcGIS 10 enables you to create metadata for multiple metadata standards within the same editor. This meant updating the metadata editor and how metadata is stored inside of ArcGIS. As a result, the user experience and workflows have changed, and the metadata editing forms have a different look and feel.


A common example in North America is the need to create metadata that meets the requirements of both the FGDC CSDGM metadata standard and also the North American Profile of ISO 19115, both of which have been officially adopted by the United States. You create metadata in ArcGIS 10 the same way regardless of the standards you need to follow. Here’s a video that shows how you can create and manage multiple metadata standards with the new metadata editor in ArcGIS 10.


To learn more about creating and sharing FGDC-compliant metadata, see the guide for Creating and managing FGDC metadata in the online help.


Why am I running into problems importing, exporting, and upgrading my metadata in my enterprise data in 10.0?

There was a bug in 10.0 that introduced an invalid path that prevented the process from completing. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch that we expect to complete around the time of this year’s User Conference. For the time being, there is a useful workaround described in KB article 39007 that will help you import, export, and upgrade successfully.


Why can’t I enter some of my FGDC content in the new metadata editor?

A small set of metadata concepts are not yet available in the new ArcGIS metadata editor, and we are working to improve it. For example, FGDC Time Period of Content information, which is known in ISO metadata standards as the temporal extent, is currently not available in the editor. Some FGDC-specific concepts such as vertical positional accuracy and TDD/TTY telephone numbers are also not available. These capabilities and many other improvements and fixes will be provided in the upcoming metadata patch mentioned above.


Why was the traditional ArcGIS FGDC Metadata Editor included as an Add-in at 10.0?

For compatibility reasons, we made the decision to include our legacy FGDC Metadata Editor for Version 10.0. This enabled users to edit their metadata using the same familiar editor. (To get this, see the Blog article FGDC Metadata Editor for ArcGIS 10.). However, this has critical limitations moving forward as the FGDC standard evolves, and we no longer recommend using this editor. We strongly suggest that you migrate to the new approaches and tools described above so that your metadata is maintained properly and is fully supported in the future.


Are there plans for including metadata for ArcGIS services?

Yes, complete tools for documenting and sharing metadata for services will be available with the ArcGIS 10.1 release.





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