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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why is my ArcGIS extension (e.g., Spatial Analyst) not available or not working?

A.  The extension has not been installed or has not been enabled.

If you did not do a complete install, then the extension may not be installed, and you will need to install it. If installed, the extension must be enabled via the Extensions panel found on the Tools menu (v9.3) or Customize menu (v10).  Toolbars for various extensions, if not already visible, can be found by right-clicking on a blank area of the toolbar area.

Q.  Arc___ does not start, and I get this error message:

cannot connect to license server

A.  The license server is down or unreachable.

If you have network connectivity and are reasonably certain your computer is not the problem, check with other ArcGIS users to see if they are having the same problem. If it is indeed a problem with the license server then it will likely be noticed and corrected soon. Contact the helpline or the ESRI site license administrator if no progress or updated information is evident.

If it is only your computer that appears to be the problem, you can try explicitly specifying the port (27002) used to communicate with the license server as shown below. If 27002 does not work, another port number between 27000 and 27009 might.

Q.  What's with metadata in ArcGIS version 10!?

A.  "Improvements" in response to evolving standards!

Complaints from confused metadata authors and editors have apparently been vociferous enough to elicit a rare apology (with some explanation and helpful links) from Jack Dangermond, CEO of Esri.

Q.  My ArcGIS install was working fine but now it seems to be trying to finish being installed or configured when I start the program. How can I make it happy again?

Software changes may cause ArcGIS to get stuck at start-up as Windows tries to configure or finish installing the program, even if it was running properly prior to the recent software change (Service Pack 3 for XP has caused this problem on some computers we've seen).  You may see this error or something similar as Windows tries to "configure ArcGIS": no valid source could be found for product ArcGIS Desktop. Windows Installer cannot continue.

A.  Try inserting the install media before you start the program.

You will have to borrow the ArcGIS install DVD and put it in your DVD drive before trying to start ArcGIS again.  Making this installer available often lets the Windows Intaller complete whatever updating/configuring it is trying to do.

Q.  How can I access local data?

A.  Map a drive to the "gisdata" share

Datasets from ESRI, VCGI, and certain UVM courses and projects, as well as orthophotos, imagery, and more can be found on the GIS Data share. Instructions for mapping a drive can be found here (PDF) or here (Video).  Leslie Morrissey has a collection of other data sources.

Q.  Keyless License Manager installer cannot find ARCGIS_LM.LOG and/or does not have sufficient privileges

A.  Run the installer as Administrator

Even if you are running the license manager installer from an account in the Administrators group, you might have to right click the installer file and "Run As Administrator".  See this article for another potential fix.

Q.  What can I do if ArcMap cannot create a required raster output (ERROR 010240: Could not save raster....)?

A.  Change or clear your scratch workspace

If the error message indicates the raster cannot be created in your scratch workspace (e.g., C:\Users\Myron\AppData\Local\Temp\g_g_g2) then it may help to close your applications and then clear the contents of the scratch workspace.  Alternatively, you could change the scratch workspace to a different, empty folder (ArcToolbox->Environments->General Settings).

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